MoneyPlus feel the attraction of working with Magnet Plus (Formerly Magnet Networks)

Switching to Magnet Plus has “revolutionised” doing business for a leading financial brokerage based in Sligo.

Eamonn Kielty

Investment firm Money Plus had two office locations and were planning a move to a new premises when they began looking for a new business phone provider to help their business grow.

Managing director Eamonn Kielty opted for a VOIP system and has been a Magnet Plus customer for under a year.

“There is literally no comparison between the service we now receive from Magnet Plus and our previous provider,” Eamonn said.

“Magnet Plus have made doing business considerably easier in so many different ways.

“Even doing simple things like linking all our clients into a caller ID database, so we know who is calling the office and can greet them properly. That has really improved our customer service.

“We had none of these facilities before Magnet Plus came on board, we didn’t have the connectivity and didn’t have the support to put it all into practice.”

Money Plus were operating from two offices with separate phone lines that required two staff to answer.

With their new VOIP service from Magnet Plus, Money Plus has now streamlined the process with one line easily transferring between both locations.

“When we went with the VOIP system it meant we were able to transfer a call between offices, so from an efficiency perspective, only one person was need to answer the phone which is ideal for a small business looking to free up resources.

“Outside of that, it meant our travel time reduced considerably because we are now able to host our own telecons, web calls and even video chats over the VOIP connection between our two offices.

“That will be revolutionary for our business into the future because it’s bringing our costs down all the time.

With a relocation imminent, Eamonn had planned to put off improving his company’s lines of communication and switch to Magnet Plus after they were settled in to the new office.

However, with a VOIP connection, setting up in a new office is as simple as flicking a switch, so Money Plus were able to get started and hit the ground running in their new premises.

“We were planning a move to a new office and I didn’t want to have to set up a new system, only to have to set it up all over again,” Eamonn said.

“But Magnet Plus explained that their new system would move with us and was as simple to set up as plugging in the wifi router in the new premises.

“Not only that, the cost of the service was actually lower than what we were paying before, and it was a service that was five times better.”

Switching to Magnet Plus has improved customer service, increased efficiency and lowered costs for Money Plus, and they have been spreading the word in their business community.

“We’ve recommended four or five other companies to Magnet Plus based on our experience with them,” Eamonn said.

“I’m absolutely thrilled with it – it’s a first class system.”

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