Can Call Centres Use VoIP?

The simple answer to this question is yes, call centres can use VoIP. Cloud-based phone systems are very reliable and are subject to the same SLA guarantees as older, fixed line, call centre solutions.

Reliable phone service the backbone of every call centre. Traditional solutions can carry significant costs, including line rental and PBX maintenance. Many call centres are re-examining these costs and making the switch to VoIP. This moves their call centre phone system to the cloud, using their data connections instead of dedicated phone lines to carry calls.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. In simple terms, it means using your phone service over the Internet instead of through your local phone company. Also known as IP telephony or broadband phone service, use of VoIP is dependent on having a high-quality Internet connection to enable the smooth running of the program.

Benefits of Voice over IP

There are many benefits of a cloud-based phone system with call centre functionality.

Work from Anywhere

VoIP allows one seamless communications service that lets employees make and receive calls from any number of devices, including laptops, PCs, tablets, and smartphones. This means your call centre employees can work and answer calls remotely.

Reduced Costs

Traditional call centre phone systems can come with significant costs. An ISDN Primary Rate Interface alone can be costly but there are also other costs, including line rental, PBX purchase and maintenance costs. Hosted PBX options, where your switchboard resides in the cloud, can provide excellent cost savings, as you eliminate not just equipment capex costs but also maintenance fees.

Easy Installation

VoIP is an affordable, reliable technology that is easily deployed. VoIP doesn’t require any cables or hardware as the infrastructure is hosted offsite, so installation is quick and easy.


Scaling up the capacity of your call centre can be done quickly and easily with VoIP. VoIP services can be scaled quickly and inexpensively whereas it can take time to scale your ISDN.


VoIP is a mature technology with the same SLA guarantees that protect other telecom services. Once the data connection to your call centre is protected (a primary data connection backed up by secondary resilience), you now have the same benefits for your voice traffic, providing resilience that you never had before.


Using voice over IP, you’ll also experience less disruption during an upheaval like an office relocation. You only need to move your data lines rather than phone lines and can be up and running at a new location  with calls as soon as you’re online.

VoIP Options for Call Centres

Magnet Plus has been offering VoIP services for two decades and we continue to invest in our voice capability. Here are some of the features of our VoIP solutions that many of our call centre telecommunications customers value.

Management & Reporting
A rich choice of call management and reporting features – from call forwarding and conferencing to insightful user reports and many more.

Information & insight
Magnet Talk’s at-a-glance dashboard shows detailed information on all current and past calls. This includes time taken to answer them, who answered and the call’s source.

All Call Centres. All sizes.
Whether you have one branch and just need a small call-centre phone system or operate multiple offices worldwide, Magnet Talk easily scales to match your needs.

User presence
Supervisors can see the current availability of all users. Magnet Talk lets each staff member signal if they are available, on a break or off duty.

Exceptional dates
Magnet Talk can be reconfigured for specific days. So, it is easy to change opening hours announcements and divert calls on Christmas Day and public holidays.

Customer Case Study

Magnet+ provides Irish Citylink with a cloud-based phone system, call centre functionality and fibre broadband. Find out more about their experience using the Magnet Plus VoIP solution for their call centre. Citylink call centre case study.

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