How does a leased line work and does my business need one?

What exactly is a leased line?

A leased line, also known as Dedicated Internet Access or DIA is a private internet connection that is delivered via fibre or wireless directly to your individual network. DIA offers Dedicated Internet Access, as the name suggests, which is never shared and is 100% yours, meaning that it’s always secure, operates at a high speed consistently and is completely under your control, unlike its shared counterparts.

What are the key differences between a leased line and a standard internet connection?

At Magnet+, we’re often asked about differences between Broadband and Dedicated Internet Access. When choosing the right connectivity solution for your business there are many key differentiators to consider, so we’ve mapped out how a leased line differs from other products:

  • Never shared: Unlike standard broadband, which is shared between many users and sites,  Leased Line Internet Access is exclusively dedicated to a single user or organization, with no compromise to performance and increased reliability.
  • Guaranteed Bandwidth: A Leased Line provides a guaranteed bandwidth, ensuring that the user always has access to the entire bandwidth, resulting in faster and more reliable performance. Broadband internet, on the other hand, is shared among multiple users, which can result in slower performance during peak usage times.
  • Business Suitability: A  Leased Line connectivity solution should always be used for corporate or enterprise level businesses, while a standard internet connection is only suitable for home or personal use.
  • A Tailormade Solution: At Magnet+ your Leased Line or DIA solution is tailormade for your needs, which differs from out of the box broadband solutions. This means your location and specific requirements will be noted and we will create a bespoke connection for you – whether you’re connected via high-speed wireless in the air, fibre in the ground or a blend of both.

What are the key signs that I need to change to a leased line?

This depends on what the requirements of your business are and what you expect from your internet connection such as the number of users and size of your business, type of applications being used and uptime requirements. If your connection is not meeting your needs then it may be a sign your business needs Dedicated Internet Access.

Typically, we would recommend standard broadband for home use and a Leased Line or DIA solution for businesses at enterprise level however, even if your business is small, if your internet connectivity is imperative to business success it is recommended to invest in a DIA to ensure that business productivity is protected.

For instance, if you run an online business that makes sales every day. Whilst you may think a standard business connection will suffice, in most cases it will not, and you cannot run a business on the same broadband service that you have at home, as even small office requirements are much larger than that of an average home.

How much does a leased line cost, and what do I get for the price?

Another factor to consider when looking at your connectivity options is of course, price. Dedicated Internet Access and leasing a line in general is likely to be more expensive than a standard broadband service, however, Magnet+ offer a wide range of DIA services which range from €150 to around €2,000 per month depending on your business. For this price, as well as incredible speeds and reliability you will also get:

  • A completely symmetrical connection – your upload and download speeds are identical. So, for example, you can transfer large files at the same time as holding a video conference.
  • Unrivalled Support – 24/7 access to Dublin-based fully-qualified engineering expertise.
  • Static IPs – This offers several advantages including making remote access possible, faster upload and download times and access to accurate geolocation data.

Why choose Magnet+?

At Magnet+ we pride ourselves on our NPS score of 55 which is far ahead of our competitors and exceeds the average across all businesses worldwide. So, not only do we offer the best products on the market, but we provide the best customer service possible to make your experience choosing us hassle free.

If you’re considering Dedicated Internet access, you can reach out to one of our team who will assess your needs and put together a bespoke DIA package to suit your business, or alternatively you can give our sales team a call on 1800 819 888. You can also watch the video below, or visit our Dedicated Internet Access page, where you can submit some basic details about your business’s location and size and we will identify the best solution.

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