Magnet Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Offering the gold standard in connectivity and security: a completely private, ultra-fast connection available wherever you are located.

Does your business’s survival depend on guaranteed, always-on high-speed connectivity? Then you need the complete certainty and reassurance guaranteed by DIA – Dedicated Internet Access.

Product Overview

Delivered via fibre in the ground or wireless through the air, DIA offers exclusive and dedicated internet access direct to the communications cabinet in your comms room.

This means your connection is 100% yours. In connectivity terms, it’s your own private jet: never shared, always secure, breathtakingly fast and completely under your control.

  • Customised for you.
    Your DIA solution is tailormade for your needs. This means your location and specific requirements will guide whether you’re connected via high-speed wireless in the air, fibre in the ground or a blend of both.
  • Choose Your Bandwidth.
    Depending on your specific needs, you can opt for bandwidths ranging between 10Mb and 10Gb, the entire capacity of which is yours to use.
  • Completely Symmetrical.
    With Magnet DIA, your upload and download speeds are identical. So, for example, you can transfer large files at the same time as holding a video conference.
  • No Limits.
    As it’s your connection, there are no limits on the volume of data you transfer. You’re in control. As dedicated internet providers, we offer you options – but you make the final choices about which technology your connection uses.
  • Everything’s Taken Care Of.
    We manage every aspect of putting your Dedicated Internet Access connection in place. This ranges from ordering circuits to all technical issues. These even extend to any civil requirements that arise from bringing the Dedicated Internet Access from the street into your building.

  • Total reassurance.
    Magnet Dedicated Internet Access offers rock-steady resilience with consistent service ensured by a combination of VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) and BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) routing.
  • Static IPs.
    With Magnet Dedicated Internet Access, a static IP is provided as standard. This offers a number of advantages including making remote access possible, faster upload and download times and access to accurate geolocation data.
  • Strictly-Observed Service Levels.
    You can depend on 24/7 support that will never let you down. The highest levels of service are written into SLAs and regularly reviewed to ensure they are being met.
  • Own It All.
    Your connection’s security is reinforced by incorporating all the essentials. These include a fully managed router plus DNS and IP address facilities.
  • Total Support.
    The support we offer is as robust as the DIA solution we design. You have direct 24/7 access to Dublin-based fully-qualified engineering expertise. You can also be certain of always being answered by a human voice, never a bot.

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