Magnet WAN / MPLS

Wherever they’re located, your offices can be seamlessly, securely and cost-effectively linked by Magnet WAN’s ultra-fast, ultra-reliable business VPN.

There are no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’: to work productively, multiple offices within a business must be linked by seamless, secure and super-fast networking.

Product Overview

Magnet WAN guarantees this. Built on Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology, Magnet WAN gives every employee direct, no-delay access to each other. Whether working remotely or in different offices, they can share files instantaneously and communicate as effectively as they would in the same building.

Magnet WAN offers other concrete promises: 24/7 technical support, easy network upgrading and a commitment to constantly meeting the most demanding Service Level Agreements imaginable.

  • Your Network. Your Design.
    Before installation, engineers assess your requirements and design a tailored VPN | for business that matches these precisely.
  • The Right Technologies.
    To maximise speed and minimise latency, your WAN is built on fibre in the ground, wireless (through the air) or a mixture of both, depending which is best suited for your office locations.
  • Easy To Upgrade.
    Within offices, standard Ethernet cabling connects individual users to the internet. This is affordable, allows us to upgrade connections remotely and means no additional cabling, configuration or equipment is needed.
  • Ongoing Monitoring.
    We manage and monitor your multi-site Magnet WAN entirely offsite. Network issues can be anticipated, identified and corrected immediately – usually without you knowing anything has happened.

  • BGP4 Routing.
    A full BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) feed can be provided. Otherwise, if you already have your own IP address space, we will peer with this.
  • Resilience Delivers Reassurance.
    With full resilience built into Magnet Plus’s core network, a fibre break or node failure will never affect your network – in fact, you’ll never even know anything happened.
  • Support Always At Hand.
    Fully-qualified Irish-based engineering expertise is available 24/7. And if you call, we guarantee you’ll always be answered by a human voice and never a bot.

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