Magnet+ Ultimate Business Broadband

The broadband bundle that’s serious about business

Could your business survive being offline, even for a minute? Is an ultra-fast, ultra-reliable connection absolutely essential? If that’s the case, get the business broadband bundle that makes unshakeable service promises – and keeps them.

Magnet+ UItimate offers affordable broadband bundles that keep your business connected, come what may. Because it combines a primary connection with a hyper-reliable 4G back-up connection, Magnet+ keeps you open for business. Always.

Serious about speed and reliability

If an always-on connection is essential for your business, so is Magnet+ Ultimate.

Powered by a scorchingly fast 1Gb fibre broadband connection, Magnet+ Ultimate is reinforced by a 4G back-up connection that instantly takes over if your main link ever drops. Therefore, when it reconnects, the switchover is so smooth you may not know anything ever happened. As a result, your EPOS terminals keep taking cash, data files continue flowing and customers stay in contact – always. 

Make and take calls for less  

There’s also a talk option. Magnet+ Ultimate & Talk offers unlimited calls* via a free smartphone app, a free webphone (where your computer acts as a desk phone) or a dedicated handset which you can rent or buy.

Reliability means reassurance

Magnet+ Ultimate offers the final word in performance and peace of mind. Because of it, you’ll know your business will be always accessible, in touch and open for business.   

Bundled for business budgets

The Magnet+ Ultimate bundle combines connectivity and reliability with realistic pricing:

Magnet+ Ultimate

Magnet+ Ultimate
& Talk 1Gb

Monthly Price Monthly Price



2 year term
2 year term
Installation Fee Installation Fee



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*Subject to fair usage policy of 5000 minutes per user, pooled across the account. Covers calls to Ireland, UK, Canada, USA mobile & landline plus supernational fixed lines.

Magnet+ business broadband. Connectivity on the move.

Why Ultimate Business Broadband?
Here’s why…

  • Highly affordable.
    Magnet+ Ultimate offers complete peace of mind thanks to ultra-fast, uninterrupted broadband from just €85 a month. 
  • Zero disruption.
    No disruptive installation or technical work is needed. After an engineer visits your premises and assesses your needs, you’ll receive a modem by mail. After that, it’s simple to connect this to your devices or internal network. Once this is done, you’re all set.
  • Fixed IP address.
    The no-extra-cost fixed IP address makes your website and services more visible online. A fixed IP address also makes it easier to work remotely.
  • Zero cost installation.
    Our usual business broadband installation cost is €99 – but there’s no charge for an engineer to set you up with Magnet+ Ultimate. 
  • Total support.
    Magnet+ Ultimate gives you direct 24/7 access to fully-qualified, Dublin-based engineering expertise – and a human will always answer your call.
  • Non-stop operation.
    Your back-up connection ensure that your business always stays connected.
  • Unlock efficiency.
    Magnet+ Ultimate makes it easier to work remotely and use cloud applications like Office 365, G Suite and Salesforce.
  • Minimal equipment needed.
    You need very little extra equipment to enjoy the speed and reliability of Magnet+ Ultimate. A new router is all that’s needed. After that, you just need to connect dedicated handsets or webphones if you add Magnet+ Talk.
  • Technology matched to your needs. 
    Magnet+ Ultimate can be delivered via fibre broadband in the ground, wireless broadband through the air or a blend of both. We’ll recommend the right technology for your business.
  • Your back-up connection stays fully separate.
    Thanks to its wireless 4G link, your Magnet+ Always-On back up is immune to problems such as fibre and telephone line breaks.
  • Stay informed.
    We can notify you if you need to know whenever your Magnet Always-On back-up takes over from your primary link.

Please note

  1. To avail of Magnet+ Always-On, your primary broadband connection must also be supplied by Magnet+.
  2. Because Magnet+ Always-On operates wirelessly via 4G, your location must be served by a 4G connection rated as ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’ by Ireland’s Commission for Communication Regulation. You can check the quality of your coverage here.
  3. Magnet+ Always-On requires a constant electrical power supply. Therefore it cannot operate if there is a power outage. 

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