Magnet Business Broadband

World class fibre broadband for business: delivering flexible, awesomely-fast connectivity backed by outstanding customer support, wherever you’re located.

Connectivity is the heartbeat of every business. Its pulse keeps enterprises of all sizes alive and enables innovation, growth and flexibility. But Magnet Business Broadband delivers far more than just ultra-fast connectivity.

Product Overview

It guarantees you’ll stay online, come what may. It puts you in the driving seat with the final choice over the technologies that power your connection. And it always has your back, with expert customer support 24/7 – from humans, not bots. Commitments like this explain why the vast majority of customers have been with us for well over ten years.

Is connectivity absolutely critical for your business? Then give yourself the certainty of service, value and flexibility guaranteed by Magnet Wireless or Fibre Business Broadband.

Business Broadband

Business Broadband

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  • The right fit.
    With Business Broadband, you choose the package that matches your business’s exact needs.
  • Unlocks more.
    Business Broadband creates a vast number of ways to work more effectively. These include easier remote working, online phone systems and access to cloud applications like Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce and many more options.
  • Zero disruption. 
    Installing Business Broadband involves no disruptive installation or technical work. Following an assessment visit from an engineer, you receive a modem by mail.
    Connect this to your devices or internal network and you’re good to go.
  • Support at every step. 
    Remaining connected is critical. That’s why access to expert engineering support is available 24/7. Your call will always be answered by an Irish-based person – never a bot – who will give clear and helpful guidance.
  • The right technology. 
    We’ll recommend the precise technology that’s right for your size, location and needs. Business Broadband can be delivered via fibre broadband in the ground, wireless broadband through the air or a blend of both.
  • Ultra-reliability.
    You need to stay connected – and we promise you will stay connected. Our Service Level Agreements guarantee the highest quality of service in Ireland, from the first call to the final fix. 
  • Fixed IP address. 
    Business Broadband offers a no-extra-cost fixed IP address. This enables easier remote working and makes your website and services more visible online.

Need more.
Get More

For businesses, Magnet More lives up to its name. It combines Business Broadband delivering ultra-fast download speeds of up to 1Gb with a totally flexible phone system that offers:

  • Unlimited calls to Irish landlines and mobile numbers.
  • The choice of retaining your existing number, using a local phone number in different locations or starting a completely new number.
  • Available as an app on your mobile or desktop/laptop.
  • Voicemail, with the option to have voicemails emailed to you and even transcribed.

Magnet More

100 Mb

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Magnet More

1 Gb

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Need help in choosing which Magnet More package is right for your business? Our experts can give all the help you need to make the right decision.

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