Magnet Talk Prime

Collaboration, control and lower costs: meet the ultimate work-anywhere phone solution.

A cloud-based phone system
for a hybrid workplace

Magnet Talk Prime ensures your employees can work from anywhere, combining voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools on a single platform which improves communication at all levels. 

Talk Prime is the ultimate business phone system for a modern hybrid workplace, allowing users to access the system via a phone, smart mobile app, web phone and Microsoft Teams, catering to businesses of any size. 

Need a flexible, simple and secure phone system? Talk Prime is the answer.

Talk Prime is a cloud-based UC feature-rich solution that offers high availability and redundancy, with built-in disaster recovery that protects business continuity, even during unexpected disruptions.

With flexible pricing models that allow businesses to scale up without significant capital expenditure and reduces the need for on-premises hardware and maintenance. 

Choose your bespoke support package

Talk Prime allows you to choose a bespoke support package for your business, ensuring you can access support, whether you need 24/7 hands on support or if you are happy to operate a self-service model, we have you covered. Just choose from one of the optional support levels below to get started. 

Effortless Microsoft Teams integration

Hybrid working means your online collaboration must be seamless. Wherever your team is located and whatever device they use, Magnet Prime allows for phone calls to be made and received within the TEAMS environment ensuring everyone stays working together!

Call Recording

A call recording feature ensures you can record all calls, allowing you to access, listen to and save every call to and from your business. With Talk Prime call recording, you can capture details you may have forgotten, coach your team more effectively and enhance your customer experience with ease. 

Talk about affordable

Why pay for a phone, a line and nothing else? Magnet Talk Prime offers far more – for much less.

Talk Prime
Cost per user €15.95
Call Recording
Minutes included 5000
Call Forwarding
Call Parking
Call transfer (with music)
Do not disturb
Voicemail to email
Remote call pick-up
Speed dials
Smart phone app
Softphone app
Online user portal
User presence
User call logs
3 Way calling
Automatic call back
External call waiting
Call return
Retrieve calls
Auto answer
Hold music
Hunt groups
Outbound call display
Call log reports
2 Room Conferencing
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*Ire UK Canada US Fixed and Mobile & EU Fixed. A list of all destinations can be found at Minutes are pooled across the account.

Magnet+ Talk Prime: Optional Support 

Standard Direct 9-5 Direct 24×7
Fault Support Yes 24 x7 Yes 24 × 7 Yes 24 × 7
Admin Changes (eg. IVR Changes, Add/Remove Users, Call Flow Changes etc) Customer Self Service Magnet Support Desk – Business Hours only Magnet Support Desk – 24 × 7
Price per Month n/a €3 per user per month €5 per user per month

With our standard service you’ll manage your own PBX without our help, but if you encounter any faults or critical issues outside of everyday maintenance, we will happily fix those.

Direct 9-5
Our Direct 9-5 support hours are normal working hours Monday and Friday (9-5), not including bank holidays. With this package, customers will be able to contact our agents to log requests for changes within these hours.

Direct 24×7
Our Direct 24×7 support package ensures you will have the highest level of support for changes any day and anytime, you can pick up the phone on evenings, weekends and bank holidays and rest assured we will work on any issues as a priority.

The business phone solution for a hybrid world

  • Choose how it’s used.
    Magnet Talk Prime can be used via a FREE smartphone app, a FREE web phone (where your computer acts as a desk phone) or dedicated handset which you can rent or buy.
  • Simple to deploy. Easy to scale.
    Installing Magnet Talk Prime simply involves connecting a dedicated handset or web phone to the internet. This means users can be easily added or removed at any time.
  • Use anywhere
    No matter where staff are located or what device they use, they’ll have as much access to your phone system as they do in the office.
  • Multiple levels of control
    Magnet Talk Prime offers a fantastically rich choice of call management and reporting features – from call forwarding and conferencing to insightful user reports, call recording, optional support and many more.
  • Information & insight
    Talk Primes at-a-glance dashboard shows detailed information on all current and past calls. This includes time taken to answer them, who answered and the call’s source.
  • All businesses. All sizes.
    Whether you have one branch and just need a small business phone system or operate multiple offices worldwide, Magnet Talk Prime easily scales to match your needs.
  • User presence
    Supervisors can see the current availability of all users. Magnet Talk lets each staff member signal if they are available, on a break or off duty.
  • Exceptional dates
    Magnet Talk Prime can be reconfigured for specific days. So, it’s easy to change opening hours announcements and divert calls on Christmas Day and public holidays.
  • Complete reliability
    Magnet Talk Prime is hosted on AWS cloud servers and duplicated in two other locations to ensure full redundancy. So even if your local broadband connection fails, all Magnet Talk Prime functions remain accessible via the Magnet Talk Prime app via your mobile.

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