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Product Overview

Magnet Talk eliminates standard phone lines and moves your business phone system to the cloud. This immediately delivers far lower costs and far greater flexibility. Using VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol technology, Magnet Talk eliminates all phone lines and on-premises PBXs and lets users work anywhere there’s a broadband connection.

Any computer can handle calls using a screen-based ‘webphone’. Prefer a traditional handset? No problem – a range of deskphones are available.

Magnet Talk is even available via an app so calls can be made and received anywhere. Users can be set up in minutes and with a fixed per-user price, controlling costs is also more straightforward.

So Magnet Talk is a business phone system that gives users and managers real control, efficiency and flexibility. At a fraction of the cost of a standard PBX system.

  • Information & Insight.
    Magnet Talk’s at-a-glance dashboard shows detailed information on all current and past calls including how long before they were answered, who answered them and their source. Download this information to see how customers’ calling experience can be improved.
  • All Businesses. All Sizes.
    Whether you have one branch and just need a small business phone system or have multiple offices worldwide, Magnet Talk can scale to match your needs.
  • Full Phone System Functionality.
    With the functions of a standard business phone system – Call Forwarding, Hold Messaging, Voicemail and over 100 more – callers will experience a completely professional office phone system.
  • Forward & Transcribe Voicemail.
    Voicemail sound files can be automatically emailed to any Magnet Talk user and their contents is transcribed.
  • Call Recording.
    Magnet Talk allows the easy recording of individual calls.
  • Exceptional Dates.
    Magnet Talk can be reconfigured for specific days. So it’s easy to change opening hours announcements and divert calls on Christmas Day and public holidays.
  • More-than-you’ll-ever-need minutes.
    Per business, Magnet Talk comes with 1000 Irish, USA & UK mobile minutes plus 1000 Supernational landline minutes to Ireland, UK, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden landlines.
  • Choose how it’s used.
    Magnet Talk can be used via a FREE smartphone app, a FREE webphone (use your computer as a desk phone) or dedicated handset which you can rent or buy
  • Complete Reliability.
    Magnet Talk is hosted on AWS cloud servers and duplicated in two other locations to ensure full redundancy. If a user’s local broadband connection fails, all Magnet Talk functions remain accessible via the Magnet Talk app.
  • User Presence.
    Supervisors can see the current availability of all users. Magnet Talk lets each staff member signal if they are available, on a break or off duty.
  • Full Microsoft Teams Integration. Magnet Talk now offers seamless integration with all the features of Microsoft Teams.

Hosted Voice White Paper

The pandemic has forever changed the way businesses and their teams think about work. As work- from-home arrangements extended far beyond what anyone first anticipated, companies have needed to grapple with how they make hybrid working a reality.

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Business Phone Packages

Magnet Talk offers business voice solutions that keep your business connected – always. Need everything? Magnet Talk Evolve adds features like video conferencing and audio conferencing plus management options that give administrators total control and flexibility.


Included in this package

  • Call Forwarding
    Forward calls directly to external mobile, voice mail, a co-worker or to voicemail.
  • Call Transfer
    Transfer calls easily between users, departments, branches and external numbers.
  • Music on Hold
    Use our preloaded hold music or upload your own.
  • Call Parking
    Manage multiple calls and hold until the user is ready.
  • Cold & Warm Transfer
    Transfer a call with no introduction or introduce the call before transferring.
  • 3-Way Conferencing
    Participants on a call can dial in from three different locations.
  • Online User Portal
    Keep track of all Magnet Talk phone and call functions and features.

Talk Extra

Get all Magnet Talk +

  • Call Logs/Call History
    Get an accurate listing of all inbound and outbound calls made by individual users.
  • Auto-Attendant
    A voice menu controls call flow. Callers are asked to pick a number to direct their call e.g. “Please dial 1 for sales or 2 for Customer Service etc”.
  • Time-based call flow
    Set your phones to open and close at specific times for each weekday. An out-of-hours message can play to explain your opening hours, invite the caller to leave a voice mail or direct them to your website.
  • Customisable hold music
    Callers can hear tailored messages about your business while on hold.
  • Hunt Groups
    A ‘Hunt Group’ is a group of numbers to which an incoming call can be directed. Any member of the group can then answer the call.
  • Online user portal
    Each user gets a webpage where they can manage their calls, phone books, internal users and function keys.
  • Admin Control Portal
    Add and remove users easily and manage the entire phone system without specialist IT assistance.

Talk Evolve

Get all Magnet Talk Extra +

  • Audio Conference Rooms
    Audio conferencing suites for up to 100 participants.
  • Video Conferencing
    Conferencing suites with screenshare for up to 100 participants.
  • Admin Feature Control
    Full call routing and agent control through the Magnet Talk admin portal.
  • Skillsets Groups
    Group people according to department or skills (e.g. IT) so all members’ phones ring when a number is called.
  • Call Queuing
    Prioritise incoming calls in a queue awaiting an answer, according to the time they were received.
  • Agent Availability Management
    Admin can reassign users within groups when extra resource is needed to handle calls.
  • Call Recording
    Record all calls, or calls to a specific group or individual, receive time and dated calls via FTP.

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