Digital Services Act (DSA)

Understanding the Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act is a groundbreaking regulatory framework designed to safeguard digital spaces by ensuring that all users’ fundamental rights are protected and that a fair environment is created for businesses. It specifically focuses on the duties of online intermediaries and platforms to combat illegal content and disinformation, enhancing overall user safety.

Our Commitment at Magnet+

At Magnet+, we are fully committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of compliance with the DSA. Our approach includes a rigorous adherence to regulations that promote transparency, accountability, and fairness within all our digital offerings. We believe that a proactive stance in our compliance efforts not only meets but often exceeds the legal requirements, thereby safeguarding the interests of our users and partners.

Contact Us for DSA Inquiries

For any questions about our compliance practices under the DSA or to discuss our compliance strategies, please reach out to us directly. We have established as your direct link to us for these matters, and we encourage communications in English to ensure clarity and effectiveness.

We welcome dialogue with all our users and stakeholders, as this communication is crucial to our commitment to transparency and accountability. Whether you have inquiries or need further clarification on our DSA-related activities, our team is ready to provide the necessary information and support.

Continuous Compliance and Reporting

Magnet+ is dedicated to continuous monitoring and reporting to meet the evolving requirements of the DSA. By staying ahead of regulatory changes and adapting swiftly, we ensure that our practices not only comply with current laws but also anticipate future developments.

Further Information

For additional information about our compliance with the Digital Services Act, to make inquiries, or to express concerns, please contact us using the email provided. We value your feedback and are committed to continuously improving our compliance framework and services.

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