We’re Serious about Business Broadband. Are you?

Business broadband is at the very core of our business at Magnet Plus. Providing a high-quality internet service is something we take very seriously. We have recognised the importance of backup broadband; most businesses can no longer afford to be off-line, even for a short period. From March 2024, our business broadband packages will come with back-up broadband, also known as managed failover, included. At Magnet Plus, we provide a managed failover service with a choice of two back-up options – the first is a guaranteed internet connection suitable for enterprise scale businesses and the second is specifically designed for smaller SMES.

Did you know that up to 80% of Irish SMES do not have back-up broadband in place. Can your business afford ever to be offline – even for a minute? If the answer is a definite ‘no’,  then common sense says that if business survival depends on 24/7 uptime, a back-up internet link is indispensable.

Even if you have had no outages with your current business broadband provider, there are many factors outside of your control and theirs that can cause connectivity issues. These include unforeseen events such as floods, damage to underground cables and unscheduled network maintenance. This is before we even touch on potential cyber-attacks which have increased significantly over the past two years and affect both large and smaller companies nationwide.

Our new business broadband plans will automatically detect a failure on the main internet connection and switch to your back-up solution. This change will happen seamlessly and automatically, no switches to turn on or settings to change. Back-up broadband ensures that your connectivity always remains at the same speed and capacity. Staff and customers won’t experience any change in service if the primary link fails. The result? Whatever happens in the outside world, your business will remain online and operating. Then once your primary connection is up and running, it will automatically take over again as if nothing had happened.

Serious about business broadband? Talk to the team at Magnet Plus.

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