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Once, the flexibility to work anywhere was a nice-to-have. Now it’s an absolute, no-argument, need-to-have. Integrating Microsoft Teams with Magnet Talk frees employees to collaborate from anywhere, affordably, efficiently and manageably.  

Product Overview

Welcome to the future. It was promised for years – but now remote collaboration has finally become an everyday reality for people in their working lives. When this operates well, it’s great for everyone. And that’s what happens when you integrate Microsoft Teams with Magnet Talk.

This creates one seamless communications service that lets employees make and receive calls from any number of devices, including laptops, PCs, tablets, and smartphones. All at the push of a button. Implementing it involves zero downtime and immediate savings are generated, thanks to Magnet Talk’s highly competitive calling rates. Offering agility, simplicity and savings, Microsoft Teams and Magnet Talk makes the work-anywhere revolution a reality for your people and your business.

Why Magnet Teams? Here’s why…

  • Simplicity.
    Make and take calls from any location, on any device and combine all written and spoken conversations into one space.
  • Flexibility.
    Managing hybrid and remote working becomes as simple as having all your people in one location. In effect, the world becomes your office.
  • Continuity.
    You don’t have to change any of your existing phone numbers.
  • Security.
    You experience the reassurance of enterprise-grade security with end-to-end encryption.
  • Administration made easy.
    A single monthly bill covers Microsoft Teams and Magnet Talk.
  • Always supported.
    If you need help with any aspect of the service, it’s always available – 24/7 – by phone. And you’ll always speak to a real human who will do whatever it takes to get your service back on track. 

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