Code of Practice : Complaints

Magnet Plus Limited (“Magnet Plus”) Code of Practice for handling consumer complaints

1. Scope

This Code of Practice should be read together with Magnet Plus Terms and Conditions of Service, which is available at In the event of a conflict between the Terms and Conditions of Service and this document the Terms and Conditions of Service shall prevail.

  • 1.1. This Code of Practice applies to all verbal and written complaints received by Magnet Plus in respect of communications services utilised by our customers “You”.
  • 1.2. Your statutory rights are not affected by this Code of Practice.
  • 1.3. Complaints may be lodged arising from any Magnet Plus service that you utilise, including installation, billing, full or partial loss of service, repair or Magnet Plus customer guarantee scheme.

2. Complaint lodging and acknowledgement

  • 2.1. You can initiate a complaint by Email, Post or Phone, but often the fastest method to raise a complaint is by email as this will generate an auto reply with a ticket number for your complaint, which will not change.The complaint will be attached to your account with Magnet Plus, should you ever need to refer to it again.The ticket number for your complaint will be a unique reference number that you can quote if you need to contact us:
    By Emailcomplaints@magnetnetworks.comIf you feel your complaint has not been resolved within ten working days please email complaintescalations@magnetnetworks.comBy Post Magnet Plus
    IDA Business & Technology Park,
    Dublin 17,
    D17 AK77By PhoneBusiness: 1800 789 789
    Residential: 1910
  • 2.2. You must inform us clearly of the background and nature of your complaint and any redress sought by you.
  • 2.3. All complaints lodged will be acknowledged by Magnet Plus within two working days, either by telephone, in writing or by e-mail. Such acknowledgement will state:
    • the timescale within which the specific category of complaint will be addressed and normally resolved (see section 3 below); and
    • a unique reference number of the complaint (which must be referenced in all subsequent correspondence relating to such complaint); and
    • a contact name of the person at Magnet Plus who will be handling the complaint.

3. Complaint handing and resolution

  • 3.1. Following receipt and acknowledgement of all complaints, the following procedure will be adhered to by Magnet Plus in responding to complaints:
    • investigation of the complaint,
    • notification of the resolution,
    • internal escalation (if necessary) and
    • final response.
  • 3.2. Magnet Plus shall endeavour to investigate and respond to your bona fide dispute as soon as reasonably practicable and within the time frames set out below:
    Category of ComplaintTarget Response Time Full or Partial Loss of ServiceWithin 1 Working Day.RepairArrange for a site visit within 5 working days. If it is not possible to rectify the fault immediately, you will be advised of a new timescale for service restoration.Billing and Guarantee SchemeWithin 5 working daysInstallationWithin 5 working days
  • 3.3. If your complaint is not resolved within the above time frames, or if you are not happy with the progress of your complaint, you may request that the complaint be escalated within Magnet Plus to the appropriate supervisor or manager. In the event of an escalation, the Magnet Plus employee assigned shall use reasonable endeavours to seek to resolve the dispute within a reasonable time. Magnet Plus may also escalate the complaint internally without having received a request from you, if it deems escalation necessary.
  • 3.4. It may not be possible to resolve all complaints within the stated time frame, however, in such cases Magnet Plus will keep you informed of the time frame (or any revised time frame) within which it expects your complaint to be resolved.
  • 3.5. Cases where credit may be due include the below circumstances:
    • Delayed process of cancellation
    • Late delivery of service
    • Billing related issues
    • Incorrectly Charged For Calls
    • Loss of Service – See section 4 Customer Guarantee Scheme
    • Early termination fee incorrectly applied
    • Failed Product Upgrade
    • Service Start Date Incorrect Delay in Porting

4. Customer Guarantee Scheme

  • 4.1. In the event that Magnet Plus is unable to provide You with service for any period greater than 24 hours, and Magnet Plus confirms the reason it cannot provide service is under Magnet Plus’ control, You will be entitled to a credit on your account equivalent to the cost to you of the element of service affected by the outage.
  • 4.2. Magnet Plus is not responsible for lack of service due to the following reasons: Force Majeure, damage to Magnet Plus equipment on the customer premises or misuse of the service or equipment by the customer.
  • 4.3. Credit can be requested by contacting the customer services team on 1800 819 999 or emailing

5. Disconnection Policy

  • 5.1. Your service will not be disconnected while a bona fide dispute is ongoing provided that you have paid Magnet Plus the undisputed portion of your account.
  • 5.2. All other disconnection and termination provisions are set out in Magnet Plus’ Terms and Conditions.

6. Independent advice

  • 6.1. The Commission for Communications Regulation (“Comreg”)In all cases, we will try to do everything we can to resolve your complaint, but in the event thatwe have not been able to resolve your complaint, You can request Comreg to review it for free, once you have gone through the initial stages of the complaint with Magnet Plus and 10 days has elapsed from the date you raised the complaint with Magnet Plus. Comreg is the statutory body responsible for the regulation of the electronic communications sector (telecommunications, radio communications and broadcasting transmission) and the postal sector. Comreg operate under Irish and EU Legislation in these areas.
    They are responsible for facilitating competition, for protecting consumers and for encouraging innovation. Their role involves dealing with complex issues of law, economics and technology, and ensuring that their decisions are taken fairly and are clearly explained.ComReg operates as a collegiate body, with decisions taken collectively by the Commissioners.
    Comreg will only consider complaints which have been brought to Magnet Plus attention first or if there is a deadlock situation. A deadlock arises when Magnet Plus believe we have done everything we can to sort out a complaint but cannot reach an agreement with you. Comreg contact details:
    Commission for Communications RegulationPhone01 804 9668AddressCommission for Communications Regulation,
    1 Dockland Central,
    Guild Street,
    Dublin 1,
    D01 E4X0Comreg Queries & ComplaintsWeb
  • 6.2. EU Online Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR)If your complaint is about a purchase you made online and if Magnet Plus are unable to resolve your concerns through our complaints process, you are also entitled to submit your complaint through the European Commission’s online dispute resolution (ODR) platform.You can find the platform and more information on how it works here: ODR platform is a web-based platform developed by the European Commission. Its objective is to help consumers and traders resolve their contractual disputes about online purchases of goods and services out-of-court at a low cost in a simple and fast way.It allows consumers to submit their disputes online in any of the 23 official languages of the European Union. The ODR platform transmits the disputes only to the quality dispute resolution bodies communicated by Member States.Member States have to establish a national contact point to provide assistance to users of the ODR platform. The list of these national contact points is available on the ODR platform.The ODR platform is accessible to consumers and traders since 15 February 2016.The platform simply facilitates the investigation and resolution of your complaint.The National Contact point – Ireland:ODR Contact Point for Ireland, ECC Ireland,
    MACRO Centre
    1 Green Street
    D07 X6NRPhone0101 879 762068Emailinfo@odr.ieNote:
    You can only use the platform if your complaint comes from an online transaction.If you made your purchase over the phone or in store, you need to contact Comreg using the contact details provided.
  • 6.3. Other Sources of Independent Advice:
    • Small claims court: to contact the small claims court, see your local telephone directory under court services;
    • Office of the Director of Consumer Affairs: 4 Harcourt Road , Dublin 2;
    • Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI): IPC House, Shelbourne Road Dublin 4; and
    • Regulator of Premium Rate Telecommunication Services (RegTel), Crescent Hall, Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2.

7. Record of complaint and file retention

  • 7.1. Magnet Plus will retain records relating to your complaint(s) for at least 1 year following its resolution.
  • 7.2. Your complaint will be recorded by Magnet Plus in a central database and may include details of the complaint such as the assigned reference number, the date of the complaint, a brief description of the complaint, the category of the complaint, your details, including your account number, any action planned and/or carried out by Magnet Plus to resolve the complaint and details of any communications with you or any person acting on your behalf. These records may also include details of any previous complaints made by you.Please note that Magnet Plus working days are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm excluding bank holidays in the Republic of Ireland.

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