External threats and hacking attacks can devastate a business’s operations and reputation. As dangers evolve, dynamic and robust protection has become an absolute necessity.

Hacking attacks and cybersecurity breaches dominate headlines. Facing these threats, no business can afford to be complacent – especially if they operate and trade online. The complexity of today’s networks means a single issue can be fatal. At the same time, an improperly managed firewall can be equally dangerous.

Product Overview

Managed Firewall from Magnet Plus delivers bulletproof protection against online threats including viruses, system intrusions and data leaks. Powered by Fortinet’s world-leading security technology, Managed Firewall is a simple, one-stop solution that dynamically tracks and responds to threats as they emerge and evolve.

Whatever your business size or sector, staff and customers need constant reassurance that online threats are being actively blocked. By adopting Managed Firewall security, you give this guarantee.

  • All-Fronts Protection.
    Managed Firewall solutions include anti-virus protection, application control, intrusion defence, email and web filtering and VPN. Data leak protection is also available with Managed Firewall Premium.
  • Securing all Devices.
    Protection can be extended to all devices used in your business, including PCs, smartphones and tablets.
  • In-Detail Reporting.
    Detailed monthly reports are sent automatically outlining how Managed Firewall performed and intercepted threats over the previous four weeks.
  • All Sizes / Multiple Sites.
    Managed Firewall protection can extend across multiple sites and be cost-effectively adopted by companies of all sizes.
  • Powered by Fortinet.
    Leading global research and advisory firm Gartner have assessed Fortinet as world leaders with their firewall protection solutions.

  • Protection without Disruption.
    With no on-premises hardware, deployment or maintenance required, there’s zero disruption when deploying Managed Firewall.
  • Granular Control.
    Managed Firewall offers granular control of more than 2,500 applications including today’s most frequently-used business applications.
  • Complete Flexibility.
    As your business grows or changes, Managed Firewall’s protection can continue to match your needs precisely.
  • Experienced Support.
    A highly experienced team of IT professionals will help set and manage Managed Firewall and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.
  • Free Up Resources.
    With Managed Firewall in place, your time can be spent in other important areas rather than managing network security.

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