Magnet SIP Trunks

Don’t ditch your existing PBX phone system. Instead, give it access to the internet and gain all the savings and flexibility of digital telephony.

Fact: phone calls made via the internet cost far less than calls handled by a traditional private branch exchange (PBX). So what’s the most cost-effective way to add the power of the internet to your current phone system?

Product Overview

The answer is a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk. Put simply, a SIP Trunk directs calls from your existing phone system via the internet. This unlocks all the savings, quality and flexibility delivered by digital technology. Installing an SIP Trunk can cut calling costs by up to 80%, with no disruption or impact on call quality.

So from any angle, SIP Trunks offer a definite win-win: you combine the power of the internet with your current phone system.

  • Full Flexibility.
    Installing SIP Trunking lets you retain your existing phone number no matter where, when or how often you move your office’s geographical location.
  • Fewer Lines and PBXs.
    Does your business operate across a number of sites? An SIP Trunk lets you replace multiple legacy standard phone lines, ISDN services and E1/T1 lines, with a simpler, more manageable system.
  • Ready for Emergencies.
    SIP Trunking adds rock-solid resilience to your business telephone system. So if a disaster strikes, you can continue to operate from emergency accommodation. Similarly, it lets you load balance calls easily during peak periods.
  • Quality Guaranteed.
    SIP Trunks offer a guarantee of consistent voice quality and line availability on all calls.
  • Security Assured.
    Complete security is built into the system and a fully encrypted service is available as an upgrade.
  • Access UC and Hosted PBX.
    Having SIP Trunks in place gives access to a complete range of Unified Communications and Hosted PBX options. These can add even more flexibility and control to your business communications.
  • Support at Every Step.
    You can rely on Magnet SIP Trunks to deliver savings and call quality. Our promise of support is equally solid: we guarantee direct 24/7 access to Dublin-based fully-qualified engineering expertise. You can be certain your call will always answered by a human voice, never a bot.

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