The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Business Broadband Bundle

In today’s fast paced digital landscape, seamless connectivity and top tier customer experience are the backbone of modern businesses and choosing the right business broadband solution is more important than ever before. Ensuring that your business has guaranteed internet and a reliable backup solution when things go wrong is imperative to business success but is often overlooked as a key business decision far too often.

Our experts at Magnet+ have compiled the top 5 things to consider when choosing the right business broadband bundle, and the most important elements that every Irish business should consider before choosing a provider.


 There is nothing worse than slow and cumbersome connectivity as you constantly wait for files to upload and download, emails to send and for a stable connection. Not only is this detrimental to efficient customer service, but it can also become a frustration internally as employees try to run a fluid and productive work environment. A slow and inconsistent connection can have a real impact on productivity day to day and should be at the forefront of thinking when running a modern business.


A business broadband bundle with a 4G failover is non-negotiable when it comes to supporting business success, offering uninterrupted internet connectivity, and crucially providing peace of mind even in the most uncertain circumstances.

Without a reliable 4G back-up connection business operations can suffer due to network outages and natural disasters – which can have a profound effect if they take hours or days to resolve or reoccur awkwardly. Can your business afford to be offline – even for a minute? If not, a back-up connection is indispensable and is the definition of reliability.

Your Business Sector

Whether you manage a production company, a credit union, run a charity or own a hotel, you need to think about what business bundle is correct for you and what factors are most important to your day to day business operations.

Do you need a phone line as well as reliable internet connectivity? Do you need to ensure that your broadband is running no matter what? Do you need the reassurance of speaking to a real person if you have any issues? These are all factors you may want to consider when choosing your business broadband.

Customer Service

This is a component which is often overlooked at the point of purchase, but it’s vital to have the ability to speak to a human and the peace of mind that brings. This could be a factor in which provider you buy your business broadband from as it can be indicative of the potential relationship you are entering.


No one wants to cut corners when it comes to their business, but price will always be a factor in any business decision and what represents good value to you. Combining internet and voice services can potentially reduce expenses compared to separate plans.

Why Choose Magnet+

Our business broadband packages have been compiled to offer great value as you can combine business broadband , a 4G backup connection and voice services, potentially reducing expenses compared to separate plans, without an installation fee. So not only do they offer incredible speeds and unrivalled reliability, but they are also kind on your pocket too.

At Magnet+ we pride ourselves on our NPS score of 55 which is far ahead of our competitors and exceeds the average across all businesses worldwide. Everything we do and how we operate is with the customer in mind, so you can rest assured that any queries or issues are handled by our excellent support team as soon as possible.

With all these elements considered, you can reach out to one of our team who will assess your needs and put together a bespoke package to suit your business, or alternatively you can give our sales team a call on 1800 819 888.

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