5 Signs your Business Needs to Boost Bandwidth

Bernard Mullen, Director of Design & Network Solutions, Magnet+ recently wrote an opinion piece for thinkbusiness.ie. As more employees return to offices and communal working spaces, businesses are discovering issues with their connectivity, such as low video and voice quality, buffering, unusable applications or just overall poor internet speed. In order to resolve these issues many businesses have been adding bandwidth to their current connectivity packages. Bernard shares his expertise, identifying the top five signs or situations that indicate a business needs more bandwidth.

Signs you need more bandwidth

So, what are the five main signs that your business may need more bandwidth?

  1. Lower employee productivity or motivation. Slow connectivity can be extremely frustrating for employees. This can often be a result of a poor internet or server connection. This is particularly evident in large businesses with a hybrid work model in place. As employees come online throughout the day, both at home and in the office, a strain is placed on the network. If you notice that activity outputs are low, it’s likely that this could be due to slow internet connectivity or increased contention.
  2. Business Expansion. If you are planning on expanding your business your business internet usage will significantly increase. Similarly, if you are undergoing a merger or acquisition, this will change day-to-day business operations which will in turn impact your connectivity. It is important for business owners to be aware of this to ensure they are prepared in advance of any business expansion and have sufficient bandwidth to provide steady connectivity at all times during the transition.
  3. Email. Has your email server ever appeared to be working from the outside – emails are sending, broadband is working fine, but when you refresh your inbox, it takes a few minutes for incoming emails to appear? If your network is having a hard time retrieving emails with attachments, especially during busy work hours when a number of employees are online, it’s a good indicator that your bandwidth has reached its peak and needs to be increased.
  4. Adding new devices such as computers or point of sale platforms to your network can often cause the internet to slow down, with glitches occurring, especially if they are constantly connected. To operate as successfully and efficiently as possible, you need to reevaluate your connectivity to ensure it meets your new business requirements.
  5. New Business Premises Bear in mind that walls and large furniture can reduce signal strength when using Wi-Fi in a new office space. You might also experience a stronger and weaker internet connection in certain areas of the office – this is a sign you need to improve your connectivity. A higher bandwidth will avoid transmission delays or interruptions.

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Read the full article on thinkbusiness.ie. If you are experiencing any of the above, to talk to Magnet+ today about your internet usage. We will analyse your data needs so we can calculate a bandwidth level that will provide seamless and reliable connectivity for your business.

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