How to Improve Your Connectivity When Working from Home

Working from home has quickly become ‘the new normal’ for thousands of Irish workers and as a result it has become more important than ever to ensure the performance of your connectivity is optimum and you are able to continuously produce your best work.

As a remote worker there’s nothing worse than a Teams call which constantly breaks up, or internet that constantly drops so your emails are not up to date and you miss something important, as well as any other unexpected downtime which can further hamper your productivity.

Here at Magnet+ we are often asked by our existing and prospective customers what are the best ways to stay connected? And what are the best products to choose when working from home? So, we have compiled some top tips and suggestions to ensure you can make working from home as comfortable and efficient as possible:

  • You are going to need a dedicated work area for your desk and chair. A spare room is ideal but a corner in a quiet bedroom will do just as well.
  • Many people working from home report designating a part of the home to work to ensure that when they log off, they can unwind in peace and not feel like they are still at work by remaining in the same space.
  • Working alone can be strange at first, especially if you are not used to it, so regular communication with team members is important. You can even designate time to work away from your home and focus from a different working environment such as a shared working site or quiet café, by mixing it up you can keep your perspective fresh and the ideas rolling.
  • Many people will be moving from enterprise class to home broadband and will need to maximise their available speed, you can take a look at our Residential Broadband offers for more details. To ensure optimum performance it’s best to choose the correct package for your home.
  • Take time to run all updates as online browsers are constantly updating, and generally, the latest version will run faster and smoother than its predecessors. You can also ensure that you don’t have a lot of extensions and add-ons running on your browsers and schedule your anti-virus scans for non-working times as they can often slow down your speed.
  • Your router is vital for maximising connectivity and the closer your workspace is to it, the easier your home working life will be. Place it where you can see it, preferably at the same level as your laptop, free of any obstructions which will diminish the signal. Find out more about how to set up your router.
  • Rebooting your router is good practice and will force the router to select an available channel with the fastest connection – you can also do this by logging into your router’s configuration screens. You can also download software which will do this for you.
  • Connect with an ethernet cable where possible to optimise speed – this will always give you a better result than Wi-Fi. Boosting your wireless network coverage with a Wi-Fi repeater or extender can help if your working space has poor internet connectivity.
  • You can login to your router and change the channel your Wi-Fi is broadcasting on to improve the signal quality or even amend the settings to prioritise the quality of the connection of the specific devices you will be using to work from home.

Magnet Talk – Business Phone System

Are you or your team enabled to work remotely, maybe you’re a business owner who is looking for fully integrated connectivity? With Magnet Talk your team can stay connected and collaborate wherever, whenever.

Magnet Talk includes a FREE mobile app and a FREE Windows Softphone as standard; giving your business the flexibility it needs to facilitate a distributed workforce and enabling your team to work remotely quickly and easily. Magnet Talk also offers three-way conference calling, video calling and instant messaging. Integrating Microsoft Teams with Magnet Talk frees employees to collaborate from anywhere, affordably, efficiently and manageably.

Broadband Anywhere can offer rapid deployment of Business Broadband with an average speed of over 20Mb to employees virtually anywhere in Ireland.

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