Magnet+ Supporting LGBT Ireland

Magnet+ has once again provided free phone and connectivity services to LGBT Ireland during June to mark Pride month this year and a successful eight-year customer partnership

Magnet+, Irelands largest independent connectivity network, aided LGBT Ireland in the development and expansion of its crucial telecommunications offerings to members of the LGBTQI+ community including a national LGBT Helpline and a ‘tele-friending’ service

Magnet+, Ireland’s largest independent connectivity network, is proud to support LGBT Ireland once again this year for Pride month by sponsoring the LGBT Helpline for the month of June. LGBT Ireland has been a Magnet+ customer for eight years, over which they have built an extremely strong relationship. To mark the significance of Pride, Magnet+ is sponsoring all LGBT Ireland connectivity and phone services free of charge for the month of June, to ensure any and all savings made can be redeployed into continuing to provide these crucial services to members of the LGBTQI+ community nationwide.

LGBT Ireland is a national organisation representing the LGBTQI+ community in Ireland. It has a number of objectives, one of which includes providing support services such as the national LGBT Helpline and the ‘tele-friending’ service (a weekly call for older, rurally based LGBTQI+ members) to the LGBTQI+ community in Ireland. In 2022, over 2,500 people who contacted the National LGBT Helpline were responded to. With strong connectivity being essential for this service to function successfully, Magnet+ has played a key role by providing solutions to support the successful operation of the National LGBT Helpline Network.

Commenting on the partnership with LGBT Ireland, John Delves, Managing Director of Magnet+, says:

“Our partnership with LGBT Ireland is a long-standing successful customer relationship that we are incredibly proud of at Magnet+. Our relationship is built on trust, similar values and mission statements which includes people being the heart and soul of both organisations. We’re delighted to celebrate Pride this year and mark our eight-year partnership with LGBT Ireland by, for the month of June, sponsoring all the connectivity and phone services for their national helpline free of charge, to ensure their vital services can continue. In line with this year’s Pride theme which is ‘Protest, Remember, Celebrate’ we’d like to encourage all our employees, customers and competitors to continue to stand up for what you believe in, celebrate the milestones we’ve achieved as a whole in terms of equality for all so far, while crucially remembering there is still a lot more to be done – both personally and professionally.”

Commenting on the significance of Pride Month and value of good business relationships, Claire Murphy, Head of Fundraising and Partnerships for LGBT Ireland, says:

Pride is an important time of year as it gives us an opportunity to celebrate how far we’ve come in terms of equality for members of the LGBTQI+ community but more importantly, it is an opportunity to highlight and build awareness around the work that remains to be done and the significant challenges that still face the LGBTQI+ community.

We needed a voice solution to sustain our helpline service and upon extensive research, Magnet+ was the most coherent, qualified and able telecommunications organisation to provide the services we needed. That was eight years ago and today I can honestly say our brands are still aligned, as well as confirming the premium level of customer support and technology they have provided us with over the course of our partnership. Magnet+ has helped us turn six regional helplines into a national service using a network of volunteers around the country. We’re open seven days a week across six locations and thanks to the services provided by Magnet+, we are able to sustain our services and provide the highest quality connectivity every day.”

Magnet+ and LGBT Ireland’s significant and long withstanding partnership is a representation of Magnet+’s overall commitment to its customers and showcases the ambitions of Magnet+ to always expand, transform and improve its offering to suit the customers need, which no other provider in Ireland is more capable, qualified or trusted to do.  

To contact the National LGBT Helpline, call 1800 929 539. If you would like to donate to LGBT Ireland, click here:

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About Magnet+:

Magnet+ is Ireland’s largest connectivity network within the Irish market. The organisation (previously known as Magnet Networks) was acquired in December 2020 by Speed Fibre Group, the owner of Enet and AirSpeed Telecom. In 2021, Magnet Networks and its sister company AirSpeed Telecom, market leader in the provision of fibre and wireless connectivity services across the country, came together to operate as one unified brand – Magnet+.

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