How Does Guaranteed Internet Work?

Magnet Plus is providing businesses with Ireland’s first fully guaranteed* internet connection, Magnet Duo. This means whatever happens, burst pipes or broken cables Magnet Duo keeps businesses connected and working. So, how does guaranteed internet work?

Two Active Lines

Guaranteed internet is possible because it operates via two entirely separate active lines: a fibre connection PLUS an alternative fibre or wireless link. Each connection operates entirely independently. So if one is interrupted, traffic automatically switches to the other until the first is operating again. The two dedicated, exclusive connections are completely symmetrical; meaning upload and download speeds are the same for both.

Separate Data Centres

In addition, each link is routed to individual data centres. Powered by Fortinet technology, this ensures two links connecting to the internet at all times, in the most reliable way, to guarantee a 24/7 internet connection. By leveraging the FortiGate platform customers are guaranteed an internet connection alongside the assurance of world leading firewall features and other capabilities including IPS, application control, anti-virus, antimalware and web filtering all in a single consolidated platform.

Monitoring & Automatic Switching

Each connection operates entirely independently. With both active links operating normally, traffic is automatically channelled along the best performing connection. Both connections are monitored 24/7. So if one is interrupted, traffic automatically switches to the other until both connections are operating normally again.

Reliance on One Connection

Most business leaders understand the importance of connectivity to their business. Despite this, research has shown that 80% of Irish businesses have NO back-up system in place in case of connectivity system failure.

Can your business afford to be offline, even for a minute? If you are unsure what would happen in your business in this situation, do a trial – cut off connectivity for just five minutes and assess the chaos that unfolds.

Magnet Duo

A guaranteed broadband connection is exclusively available from Magnet Plus. No other connectivity provider in Ireland currently offers an equivalent guarantee. Magnet Duo is a custom solution, designed to match your business’s location, requirements and the specific demands you’ll place on your connection. Select the bandwidth that gives you the flexibility you need. Between 10Mbps and 100Gbps is available for your exclusive use.

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*Terms and conditions apply. Guarantee applies to Magnet Duo service when two equal capacity diverse circuits are installed via fibre and/or wireless. Guarantee does not apply to force majeure including acts of god and power related issues.

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