Five signs your business needs Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Firstly, what exactly is DIA?

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is an internet connection that is delivered via fibre in the ground or wireless through the air directly to your individual network. DIA offers exclusive and dedicated internet access that is 100% yours meaning it’s never shared, always secure, operates at a high speed fast and is completely under your control.

What’s the difference between DIA a standard internet connection?

 At Magnet+, we’re often asked about the difference between DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) and a standard internet connection. While there are many, one key differentiating factor is that unlike broadband internet, which is shared among many users, a DIA connection is exclusively dedicated to a single user or organisation.

A DIA connectivity solution is primarily suited and should always be used for corporate / enterprise level businesses, while a standard internet connection is only suitable for home / personal use. Some additional features of a DIA solution provided by Magnet+ include:

  • Customised for you – your DIA solution is tailormade for your needs. This means your location and specific requirements will guide whether you’re connected via high-speed wireless in the air, fibre in the ground or a blend of both.
  • Completely Symmetrical – your upload and download speeds are identical. So, for example, you can transfer large files at the same time as holding a video conference.
  • 24/7 Support – 24/7 access to Dublin-based fully-qualified engineering expertise.
  • Static IPs – This offers a number of advantages including making remote access possible, faster upload and download times and access to accurate geolocation data.

Another factor to consider when looking at your connectivity options is of course, price. DIA is likely to be more expensive than a standard broadband service, however, Magnet+ can offer a wide range of DIA services which range from around €150 and can go as high as about €2,000 a month depending on business size and requirement.

Why would I need to change?

This depends on what the requirements of your internet connection are i.e., number of users and size of your business, type of applications being used, uptime requirements etc. DIA provides a guaranteed bandwidth, ensuring that the user has access to the entire bandwidth at all times, resulting in a faster and more reliable performance. Broadband internet, on the other hand, is shared among multiple users, which can result in slower performance during peak usage times.

Typically, we would recommend standard broadband for home use and a DIA solution for businesses at enterprise level however, we are still seeing businesses turning over thousands of euros every day that are placing the whole stability of their business on a connection worth around €2 a day. Businesses are not putting enough value on the seriousness of the connection they have and just think broadband is broadband – they need to understand that you cannot run a business on the same broadband service that you have at home.

For example, at home you might have four people in the house, each with two devices and so that is eight to 10 devices connecting to the internet. You then take that same internet solution, plug it into an office with 20 people, all of who are using PC’s and connecting their phones to the Wi-Fi as well using Wi-Fi enabled printers and TV’s. This type of internet solution will not be able to cope with that level of usage, yet businesses continue to try and operate in this fashion and then wonder why they are having issues.

What are the 5 signs that mean I might need to make the switch?

  1. Slowdown of current service due to the number of cloud-based applications that are being used
  2. Requirement to have internet repaired quickly in the event of failure (standard timeframe for standard service is 3 days)
  3. Staff working remotely
  4. Replacing phone system with Hosted Voice service
  5. Increase in connected devices being used in the office

Why didn’t my connectivity provider recommend a DIA solution when I set up my broadband in the first place?

Historically, businesses would have gone to a provider and just asked for an internet connection and perhaps five years ago that internet connection would have been suitable as our reliance on connectivity wasn’t as great. Now (and particularly post covid) the reliance on connectivity is massive – everyone is ‘online’ and using way more bandwidth (think TEAMS calls, streaming content in the office, uploading and downloading huge files, remote users connecting into the main office to access data) and the broadband of five years ago is just not suitable anymore – couple that with the three days to repair and we are seeing business come to us regularly looking to understand what ‘proper’ broadband connections are open to them.

Who do I talk to about switching?

Visit our Dedicated Internet Access page, where you can submit some basic details about your business’s location and size and we can identify a solution that delivers a stunningly fast and reliable connection.

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