Advanced Hosted Office PBX with Magnet Voice

Magnet is excited to announce the launch of our fantastic and versatile new business phone product, Magnet Voice. Our newest product provides business customers with a suite of services to suit all types of office profiles. Magnet Voice takes the full functionality of your office phone solution anywhere, through a handset, pc/laptop and/or Magnet Voice smartphone app for iOS & Android. Magnet Voice is scaleable for individual or enterprise use.

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Cloud PBX/ Hosted PBX is a high spec cloud-based phone system that replaces the need to use physical on-site PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system, which allows you have multiple office numbers and various calling parameters. The technology is delivered over your new or existing broadband, and allows 24 hour access to your phone system from any location, ensuring that continuity of your business, and ensuring that you have anytime, anyplace access. Your office phone number anywhere in the world.



The advanced technology provided by Magnet Voice offers mobile and landline features in a single package, while allowing businesses to manage and customise the suite of features that best suit their needs. Magnet Voice essentially removes the need for businesses to manage their own telecoms infrastructure, while allowing businesses an increased level of flexibility, and the ability to take a fixed line number anywhere, and support a mobile workforce. The Cloud PBX is managed and constantly updated in cloud by Magnet, allowing your business focus on your own priorities.

Magnet Voice reduces call costs between different branches, and reduces line rental costs for businesses, providing free calls between multi-location branches or offices. It provides easy reporting and monitoring of all call activity within your business, and allows businesses to add new users, route calls to different handsets, and locations, with minimal fuss.


Why Choose Magnet Voice


A major selling point to this sophisticated new product, is that it provides a large range of easy-to-apply phone features that have previously been out of reach to smaller companies. Have we piqued your interest yet? Call 1800 819 213 now to discuss how your business can benefit from Magnet Voice.

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