Summer Series – John Delves (Managing Director)

In episode 5 of our Summer Series, we speak to John Delves, Managing Director at Magnet+. John has been in the business for 2 and a half years. He speaks about the change he has seen in that time.

John mentions that the move to a blended hybrid work environment is working really well for Magnet+. The team has the benefits that flexibility brings but can also

come together and really work and collaborate well together.

“We’ve got the best of both worlds and I think that’s been the big change really that I’ve seen in the last two and a half years”

John also talked about trends coming in the telecoms industry in the next 12 months, in particular the need for a back up internet connection. In the past few years, businesses are realising how critical connectivity is to their business. At Magnet+, we have a range of options to suit every business need.


Find out more about the connectivity services Magnet+ provide.

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