Please log on to your account at Magnet Hosting and follow the steps below (Applies to accounts on this system only).  Domains and subscriptions can only be renewed automatically if a credit/debit card has Automatic Payments enabled. Domains Account >> Registered Domains >> Click on the Domain name >> Turn on/off AutoRenew All Other Subscriptions Account >> Subscriptions >> Click on the Subscription >> Turn on/off AutoRenew To turn off the card itself If you would like to ensure nothing on your account is charged to your card automatically, you can turn the card off for auto payments.  This can be done by following the below instructions. Account >> Payment Methods >> Click on the cardpayment >> Disable Auto Payments.  If your card is set as the default payment method and you DO NOT wish for your domain/subscription to renew it is important to TURN OFF the AutoRenew. For hosting this needs to be done prior to 5 days before renewal and for domains it needs to be done prior to 21 days before renewal. Once the renewal goes through we cannot offer refunds for unwanted domains/subscriptions.
Yes. All our hosting accounts allow you to have multiple domains and sites.
Yes. All our hosting plans offer support for PHP and Perl. NB: If a script is insecure or causes problems for other users we reserve the right to disable and/or remove it without notice
If your new account with Magnet has been setup you will have received login information in the welcome email.  You can use the details provided in this email to log in to your Control Panel and upload your files through the "File Manager" or see your FTP details.   Login to  You can see your FTP details under Websites >> domainame >> WebSite Configuration (windows) or FTP Access (linux).  You can set up your email accounts under "Email" and if the domain is not synchronised please contact us. You might need to make sure the appropriate subscription is selected in the Subscription drop down menu first if you have multiple subscriptions.



Moving hosting providers does not have to be a traumatic experience: 1. Signup for a hosting account using our online order system. Once we receive payment we will setup your account and send you the details you need to upload your files and setup email addresses etc. 2. Make sure you have a backup of your website's files, so that you can upload them easily to one of our servers. 3. Update your domain's DNS to point to ours: It may take between 12 and 72 hours for the DNS to fully update to point to your new online home. You can check this online using our DNS check 4. Once the DNS has updated you should contact your former hosting company to cancel your account. If you have any issues moving hosts please contact our support team.
Our hosting plans are designed to cater for every need. The main differences between the packages is the resource allocation. For most websites our innovator package should be more than suitable. If you expect a lot of traffic or wish to host a large number of sites you may find Pro hosting plan better due to the extra resources.
If you are a user of the Magnet Hosted PBX service you can view your calls online via your online portal. You can log on to this portal here If you would like to see your bills online, register for our Billing Portal here For all other billing queries please call our Support line and select the Billing option via 1800 789 789
Some firewall or anti-virus software can restrict or block information getting to and from the Internet which causes slow speeds or even makes it seem as though there is no connection at all.
  • Check that your firewall/anti-virus settings are compatible with the broadband connection.
  • Spywareadware and malware programs are not immediately obvious and may be running on your computer. Run a virus scan to check whether any of these programs exist on your computer and remove them.
  • If your Internet cache or temporary Internet files folder is full, your computer will have nowhere to store the data it's downloading while it opens them up to build the page which can slow things down a lot.
  • If you are part of an office network please check with your IT Department or IT Service Provider that the network is operating correctly. Changes to the network or other users utilising the network may restrict or limit your access.
There are a number of reasons that your broadband may not appear to be working. The following steps should help narrow down the issue.
  • Switch your router off and on again - And, if the equipment is hot, let it cool down and look for somewhere better ventilated to keep it.
  • Check your office network - If you have switches distributing your internet connection around your office, please check the network for power and also that other users are not utilising all of the available bandwidth. Contact your IT department or IT Provider to assist you with Office Network issues.
  • Check software settings - If you're Firewall or Anti-virus settings are incorrect, you may not be able to connect. Further details and other software checks can be found in How can software settings affect my connection?
  • Check there hasn't been a problem with your bill - if a bill hasn't been paid, we’ll initially suspend the broadband connection. Registered users can check this online: see If your bill needs to be paid
Still not working? Call Magnet Business Support on 1800 789 789. Find out more about backup business broadband from Magnet Plus.
The most common reasons a VoIP Phone system would not be allowing inbound or outbound call are as follows:
  • The Modem/Router is Powered Off or Off Line - turn the device on and off, wait a few minutes and retry making calls.
  • Your IP Phone is disconnected from your network or powered off.
  • There is a problem with your office network - please check that your office network is active or check with your IT Department
  • There is an issue with the phone lines into your building - if you modem is ON but does not have a Solid Link or DSL Light, then it is likely that the issue relates to your phone lines.
If you are still having issues with your Magnet Talk VoIP phone system  and you are a Magnet+ customer, call Magnet on 1800 789 789 to seek further assistance.
Find out more about Magnet Networks participation in the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Ireland compliance scheme: WEEE for Magnet Networks
Upload a file called .htaccess into your blog's "root" directory ie. if your blog is at your domain then the file needs to go into the "blog" directory. Using your FTP software make the file writeable using CHMOD 666 Some FTP software will not be able to view the file once it is uploaded. You can get round this issue by calling the file htaccess.txt when you first upload it and then rename it after you have made the change. WordPress should be able to write to the .htaccess file to create the "permalinks"
If you have set your Application vault install with a URL path of /wordpress for example you with would be live at If you wish your site to be live at you will need to change the URL path. You can do this in your control panel under: Linux hosting: Websites >> Domain name >> Web Applications >> Click on the WordPress application  you wish to change the URL path on >> Click on the Change URL Path >> URL Path remove /wordpress >> Submit The same would apply for Joomla and any other application that the URL path needs to be changed on the Application vault install.
Setting up WordPress manually can be daunting at the start. However after your first installation it becomes quite easy. The main issue is finding your feet on the first installation. Here is a great link contributed by one of our users on how to do this on the Magnet platform. Enjoy. How to setup a WordPress blog, manually.
The files for any application you install through the Application Vault on our new control panel system ( are located at:   /webspace/siteapps/$APPNAME-$ID webapps/$APPNAME-$ID The application name that goes in before the ID varies, here's a full list of the names used by the application vault. On the left is the name of the program  on the right is the $APPNAME used by the vault: Aerial Chat - AerialChat dotProject - dotProject Drupal - Drupal Gallery - gallery Joomla - joomla LinkPoint Payment Processing - LinkPoint Magento - magento mediawiki - mediawiki net2FTP - net2ftp Perlfect Search - perlfectsearch PHP Ads - phpAds PHP MyChatPlus - phpMyChatPlus PHP OpenChat - phpopenchat phpBB - phpBB phpCoin - phpCOIN phpList - phpList PowerPhlogger - PPhlogger SMF Forum - smf SquirrelMail - SquirrelMail SugarCRM - SugarCRM Support Services Manager - SSM ToDoList - todolist Typo3 - typo3 WordPress - WordPress ZenCart - ZenCart So, an example of $$ID would be: WordPress-12345
On our shared hosting packages you can find out how much of a particular resource your hosting subscription is using under: Home > All Resource Usage The figures in here are only updated once a day so any large changes can take some time to show.  
You can use a htaccess file and specifying the specific PHP Directives. See the following: // If you are on windows or are using PHP in cgi-mode (only on then you need to use the ini_set() function: // Please note that .htaccess files are Linux-specific#
If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Forgot password" link. On the subsequent page, click the "Get An Authorisation Key" button. Once you have received the key, click the "Change Password" button, enter your login name + authorisation key and your desired new password.
For Linux based hosting, there are 3 different ways in which you can perform website backups. 1. In // you can setup a cron job to run scheduled weekly backups, please see FAQ below scheduled backup on shared hosting 2. In // go to More Services > Backups > Add New Backup 3. Lastly, (advanced users only) you can manually setup an FTP Connection to your website and download an entire copy of your website files. You will also need to login to your database and export a .sql copy of your database. - Help on FTP see FAQ below preparing your shared hosting and FTP - Help on Database Backups see FAQ below how can I backup a MySQL database
If you are moving your domain from another Irish hosting company you can see the movement of your domain by going to this DNS Checker
The domain will be automatically added to our nameservers when you add it in the control panel under: Home >> Hosted Domains >> Add registered domain
the subdomain will automatically be set up in our new nameservers when you set it up in the control panel.
An MX record is a DNS entry that identifies where mail for a domain should go. For example the MX record for a company is This means that all mail for the (ie. should be sent to the server associated with An mx record has to be an A record ie. it CANNOT be an IP address.   MX records control where the email for a domain goes.  For precise information on how to set these up please see the articles below: To create Google mx records for your domain just follow the steps below: Log into your Magnet control panel Click on Hosted Domains when on the Home page (this is the default starting page) Now click on the domain in question Now click on the DNS tab Directly underneath this click on DNS Records  Now click Add New DNS Records Choose MX fro the dropdown menu Leave the Mail Domain Field empty For Preference choose Very High In the Mail Exchanger field input: ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM Now click Finish Now click Add DNS Record Choose MX from the dropdown menu Leave the Mail Domain field empty For Preference choose High In the Mail Exchanger field input: ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM Now click Finish Now click Add DNS Record Choose MX from the dropdown menu Leave the Mail Domain field empty For Preference choose High In the Mail Exchanger field input: ALT2.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM Now click Finish Now click Add New DNS Record Choose MX from the dropdown menu Leave the Mail Domain field empty For Preferences choose Normal In the Mail Exchanger field input: ASPMX2.GOOGLEMAIL.COM Now click Finish Now click Add New DNS Record Choose MX from the dropdown menu Leave the Mail Domain field empty For Preferences choose Normal In the Mail Exchanger field input: ASPMX3.GOOGLEMAIL.COM Now click Finish Please note that this can take upto 60mins to take effect.   Adding MX Records this can be done in your control panel ( under: Home >> Hosted Domains >> domainname >> DNS >> DNS Records You would need to add a new DNS Record here of type "MX". The fields would then be filled in as follows: ** Mail Domain: Leave this blank unless you want to set up an MX record on a subdomain (e.g. ** Preference: select the number that matches closest to the priority you need Mail exchanger: The mailserver record  (excluding the last .) For example for the following Google MX record: 1 ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. Mail Domain: blank Preference: 10 (very high) Mail Exchanger: ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM NB You can then disable Mail Hosting for the domain name so our system does not try to handle the emails still under: Websites >> domain name >> Remove Hosting (under the Mail Hosting section) You might need to make sure the appropriate subscription is selected in the Subscription drop down menu first if you have multiple subscriptions. Note: An MX record shouldn't be set to point directly to an IP address.  If you only have an IP address create an "A Record" pointing, for example, mail.domainname.tld to the IP address.  Then set the MX record to point to the "Mail Exchanger" of mail.domainname.tld where domainname.tld is your own domainname.
To set up a redirect on a domain on shared hosting in control panel: Select All domains from the subscription box in the top of your control panel >> Hosted Domains tab  >> Click on the domain name  >>  Web >> Change hosting >> Standard or Frame Forwarding >> Next >> In the forwarding URL enter www.forwarding-address-here > Finish Give the propagation one hour and the site should redirect. NOTE: Changing the hosting on a domain removes any applications installed on the domain  via the application vault.
A CNAME record is pretty much the same as an A record however instead of pointing a hostname to an IP Address it points to a hostname.  For example: - pointing to To set up a CNAME select the CNAME option from the drop down menu when creating a new DNS record. Put the first part of the hostname excluding the part into the first field.  Put the hostnamevalue in to the Canonical Name field and ensure to put a . at the end of the hostname here, then submitfinish.
This is done by logging in to and going to: Account (or Home) >> Registered Domains >> domain name >> Manage Nameservers Please note: This is *NOT* done under: Hosted Domains, Websites, or Manage DNS. In the above you can only set the domain to use "External Nameservers" to remove the domain from our nameservers. You can not specify what nameservers you want the domain to use here. If this is a domain transfer please ensure you press the "Manage Nameservers" to ensure you are viewing the current nameservers as the system can be slow to refresh
NB: This only applies to domains managed via You can manage your domain's dns from within the control panel at Home >> Hosted Domains  >> click on the domain name you wish to manage You should see three tabs including one labelled DNS. Under that tab there is a section marked "DNS Records" where you can update the IP addresses and make other changes to DNS records If you change the dns hosting to "external" you will NOT be able to manage the dns via our control panel
If you need to prove to google that you own a domain then you can do this by creating a TXT record within >> Log ito your control panel ( >> Click on Home at the top of the screen >> Now click on Hosted Domains >> Now click on the domain name in question. (make sure that Zone Management Ability is enabled) >> Now click on the DNS tab >> Now click on DNS records. >> Now click Add New DNS Record >> Ok the record you are adding is a TXT record so you will need to choose TXT from the dropdown list. >> Now leave the domain field blank >> IN the data field input the google site verification code that google gave you (it should look something like: google-site-verification=yw_f1Kvp99OskdVWMkAKRde__upJIdR9t79Eue_w9Zg) Please note that DNS changes can take upto an hour to take effect.
Please address all billing queries to Ensure that you include as much detail as possible in your query including the name on the account, the account ID, an order or invoice number. Please be aware that we can only liaise with authorised contacts on accounts.
Yes. We have clients from the four corners of the globe. Please bear in mind, however, that our anti-fraud measures are quite strict, so you may need to provide extra paperwork when placing your first order.  You may be asked to supply proof of the selected method of payment along with proof of the account holder's address or an internationally recognised form of photographic ID.  If this happens an email outlining exactly what is required will be sent to you shortly after your order is placed. This verification will only be required for your first order with us and subsequent orders will be processed by us without the need for the same documentation again. Verification of this information is handled by our team during Irish business hours so your first order may be delayed by up to 72 hours. Please be assured that any documentation received is destroyed once the order has been approved.
This limit is 30MB. We do NOT recommend using email to transfer large files. Use FTP or services like DropBox - they're more efficient and less likely to cause issues for people who check email on their mobile devices
The steps bellow describe how to set up a forwarder on an email address in * In your control panel click on: E-mail > display_name * You might need to make sure the appropriate subscription is selected in the Subscription drop down menu first if you have multiple subscriptions * This will bring you to the summary of your email account, once there go to the *Forwarding* tab and click on the *Forward List*. * Then click on the *Add Forwarding E-mail Addresses* * In the box type in the e-mail address you want to forward to. * Click Submit.
  • Eircom: or
  • BT:
  • Imagine: or
  • Digiweb:
  • Strencom:
  • Smart Telecom:
  • O2:
  • Vodafone:
  • 3 Ireland:
  • Irish Broadband:
  • Magnet:
  • UPC:
  • Ice Broadband:
  • Clearwire: or
  • Perlico:
  • Westnet:
Please note that if the above does not work for you, or your broadband supplier is not in the list,  then you will need to contact your broadband provider and ask them for the correct outgoingSMTP mailserver to use.
We recommend that you read up on mailing list management. Although you may have a legitimate mailing list it can be all too easy for you to be accused of spamming if you do not follow certain basic guidelines. Have a look at //
There can be a lot of reasons that you can't send emails but have no problems receiving them.  The main ones are: # Your anti-virus program is blocking you Try disabling your anti-virus program or firewall to rule this out.  If that solves the problem then look for an option in that program to disable any email scanning. # Your email program needs to be restarted You can try restarting your email program.  This can sometimes happen with older versions of Outlook in particular.  Typical symptoms are emails just sitting in the outbox with no obvious error. # Your broadband provider has restrictions on sending emails Some Internet Service Providers require you to use their sending mailserver to send email and don't allow the use of a third-party's like ours.  We would typically recommend you contact your broadband provider and ask them for their outgoing mailserver if this is the case, but you can alternatively try using port 587 instead of 25 in your email program.  However that said, there is nothing to stop your ISP from blocking port 587 along with 25. # You don't have SMTP authentication on This only applies if you are using our mailserver.  We require this setting to be enabled and for how to enable it please see FAQ above # You are using an encryption method we don't support We only support TLS or StartTLS encryption on email accounts set up through  We do not support Secure Password Authentication or SSL, SSLTLS on ur shared hosting packages.
If you are encountering errors while deleting email to Trash or the iPhone is not storing messages to the Sent folder on the server you will need to check the settings of the email account, on the iPhone. Ensure that you have the relevant folders on the phone set to sync with the folders on the server. Follow these steps: - Click Settings. - Click Mail, Contacts, Calendars. - Click Email Address. - Click Account. - Scroll down and click Advanced. Under 'Mailbox Behaviours’ select the following: - Drafts Mailbox > Drafts - Sent Mailbox > Sent - Deleted Mailbox > Trash Now click back '< Account' at the top and then click 'Done' top right, this will then sync and save the settings. Emails should now be stored, and moved, to their relevant folders.
1. Open your email client. 2. Enter your full email address and password. 3. Then Press "Manual Setup"  4. For the Account type, we recommend IMAP. 5. For the Incoming settings, we recommend using "" for the incoming IMAP server. You will also want to leave the Security Type as None. Username = Your Full Email Address 6. For the Outgoing SMTP settings, we also recommend using "". You will also want to leave the Security Type as None. Port 25 or 587. Username = Your Full Email Address 7. Configure your Account options as desired on the subsequent screens and you're done! If not, you would need to update the password by logging into your Blacknight Control Panel - //  Goto EMAIL > Select the Display Name > Change Password
Most of the common mail clients, for ex. Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, will always require the same information specified, which is: username password incoming mailserver  outgoing mailserver For Magnet e-mail accounts the username is the full e-mail address, the password is whatever was set up on the account when the mailbox was created and can be checked through For the incoming/outgoing mailserver you can use N.B SSL is not supported N.B Also, a note for apple mail clients (like macmail and the iPhone), they don't refer to 'SMTP Authentication' as such . Instead it will give the option to enter a username and password for the outgoing mailserver, you should enable that and use the same details as the incoming mail server SMTP Authentication The below is a list of how to enable SMTP authentication on a number of popular email clients. Outlook XP/2002/2003 * Open Outlook. * Go to 'Tools -> Email Accounts'. * Select 'View or change existing email accounts' and click Next. * Select your email account and click the Change button on the right. * Click 'More Settings' on the right. * Click the Outgoing Server tab. * Tick 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication', and make sure 'Use same settings as my incoming mail server' is selected. * Click OK to close the Internet Email Settings box. * Click Finish to close the Email Accounts box. Outlook 2007/2010 * Open Outlook. * Go to 'File -> Account Settings -> Account Settings'. * Ensure that the E-mail tab is selected. Your email account should be listed * Click on the account to highlight it, then click on the 'Change' button. * Click 'More Settings' on the right. * Click the Outgoing Server tab. * Tick 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication', and make sure 'Use same settings as my incoming mail server' is selected. * Click OK to close the Internet Email Settings box. * Click Finish to close the Email Accounts box. Outlook Express * Open Outlook * Go to 'Tools -> Accounts'. * Select the Mail tab * Click on the your listed email account then click Properties on the right. * Select the Servers tab. * Under the Outgoing Mail Server tab, check the box My server requires authentication * Confirm changes by clicking OK Windows Mail * Open Windows Mail. * Go to 'Tools -> Accounts' * Click on your email account to highlight it, then click 'Properties' to the right. * Select the Servers tab. * Under the Outgoing Mail Server tab, tick the box 'My server requires authentication' and click Settings. * Tick 'Log on using' and in the Account name field enter your email address, and then enter the password for this email account. * Tick the box 'Remember password'. * Confirm changes by clicking OK Entourage * Open Entourage. * Click 'Tools -> Accounts' * Click once on the name of the account you wish to edit to highlight it * Click 'Edit' at the top of the Accounts window. Do Not click on the edit menu at the very top. * Click the 'Click here for advanced sending options' option below the SMTP server box. * Tick the box next to 'SMTP server requires authentication' * Confirm Changes Apple Mail 4.x * Open Apple Mail * From the Mail menu choose Preferences * On the lower right corner of the window, click on Server Settings... (under Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)). If this option is not visible, make sure you have the correct mail account selected, and that the Accounts and Account Information tabs are selected. * Pull down the Authentication menu and select Password. * Enter your username and password. * Click OK. * Restart Apple Mail Apple Mail 5.x * Open Apple Mail * From the Mail menu choose Preferences * Click on the "Accounts" tab * Click on the box labelled "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)" and choose Edit SMTP server list. * Pull down the Authentication menu and select Password and enter your username (email address) and password. * Click on the "OK" button. * Restart Apple mail Thunderbird: * Go to 'Tools -> Account Settings -> Outgoing Server (SMTP)'. * Select the server and click the Edit... button. * Check the 'Use name and password' option. * Enter your username. Your username should be your full e-mail address (e.g., '') * Click "OK". * Thunderbird will ask you for your password the first time you send email and you can optionally save it at that time. iPhone: * Go to 'Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calender -> your email account'. * Click on the account name and then your SMTP hostname * Click on your SMTP hostname again * Enter your username and Password. Your username should be your full e-mail address (e.g., '') * Make sure the Authentication is set to Password  
If you add a domain that was registered elsewhere to your Blacknight control panel Qmail (email) may be disabled. Firstly check that you have indeed added mailhosting to the domain under Websites > domainname > Mail Hosting and if so then it might be the aforementioned issue.
To create a new, or additional email to your domain on our based hosting plans please follow these simple steps. 1) Login to the control panel at: 2) From here, select the appropriate subscription you want to access in the drop down menu 3) Ensure the domain in question has email hosting assigned to it under Websites > domainname 4) Click Email 5) From here select Add new email address. This will also give you information about your pop3, smtp or imap servers above once complete helping you to
Please note that this method relies on cronjobs which only work on Linux.To backup  website contents on a weekly basis, a cron job can be setup to tar up the contents into a downloadable file. To setup this cron job, navigate to : Websites > domainname > More Tools > Cron Management For your website files: /bin/tar -czf /usr/local/pem/vhosts/$Webspace_ID/webspace/httpdocs/backup.tar.gz /usr/local/pem/vhosts/$Webspace_ID/webspace/httpdocs/$Folder_to_Backup Replace the $Webspace_ID with your webspace ID. You can retrieve your webspace ID by selecting the appropriate subscription from the subscription dropdown menu near the top right then select the 'websites' tab. The 'webspace ID' will be in the Web Hosting column.   A dated backup of your files: If you want a dated backup, Create a txt file and add the following to it: /bin/tar -czf /usr/local/pem/vhosts/$Webspace_ID/webspace/httpdocs/backup-`date +%d.%m.%y`.tar.gz /usr/local/pem/vhosts/$Webspace_ID/webspace/httpdocs/$Folder_to_Backup Save this file to a location on the webspace and in the cron management, enter /bin/sh /usr/local/pem/vhosts/$Webspace_ID/webspace/httpdocs/Script_name This will create a the tar file with the current date of the backup. Replace the Folder_to_Backup with the folder within httpdocs with the folder your website content reside in. For your database: /usr/bin/mysqldump -h $database_hostname -u $database_username -p$password $database_name >/usr/local/pem/vhosts/$Webspace_ID/webspace/httpdocs/database_backup.sql Replace $database_hostname, $database_username$password$database_name and $Webspace_ID with the relevant details.  Note the lack of space between -p and the password. NOTE: If you are running the cron on an application vault install database and do not know the database password. You will need to create a new database user and use its credentials in the cron job (see FAQ above) These cronjobs can be set to run weekly and should create a file in your httpdocs folder, this can then be downloaded as a single file. Under the following you will need to update the domain to point to your current hosting package: Domain Overview > Domain Administrator > domainname.tld > DNS > Change DNS
Setting up hosting on your Shared Linux hosting package: Step 1: Prepare the webspace: -Select 'All Domains' from the subscription drop-down, top right -Add the domain to the hosting under: -Hosted Domains >> $DOMAINNAME >> Web >> Change Hosting -If the domain is not listed here you can add it using 'add registered domain' -You can then select the hosting package and ensure the correct subscription number is selected. Step2: Setup your FTP -First, select the proper subscription in 'Select Subscription at the top of the page (if this option is not visible, ignore this step) -You can setup the FTP under: -Websites >> $DOMAINNAME >> FTP access - You will need the IP address which will be used as the host of ftp server in your ftp client, the ftp login name which can be referred to as username in some ftp clients - You will also need the password which cannot be viewed so you will need to change it. It can be changed by clicking on the edit button and then ticking the box for Change Password. Finally click submit. -Once the FTP has been setup, your hosting will be ready for upload. - Typically with an ftp client once you have entered the host, username, password and port (always 21) and connected to the server. - Once connected you will need to navigate to your root folder which will *usually* be: /webspace/httpdocs/$DOMAINAME (where $DOMAINNAME is your actual domain name) Eg /webspace/httpdocs/ -Type this path into remote site field (sometimes referred to as path/directory) and then drag and drop the website files you want into that directory.
If you have a domain and wish to forward it to another URL then you have two options: 1) Standard Forwarding 2) Frame Forwarding Frame forwarding will forward the user to the site you desire, but the original URL will remain in the address bar Example: you have decided to frame forward to Any user who visits will see the website but will remain as the URL in the address bar Standard forwarding will forward the user to the site you desire, and the URL will also change. Example: you have decided to standard forward to Any user who visits will see the website and the URL in the address bar will change from to To set up forwarding just follow these steps: *Please note that changing hosting on a domain will remove any application vault installations that may be on that domain, and it will not be recoverable, so a backup may need to taken if needed* Log into Click on Home at the top of the screen Now click on Hosted Domains Now click on the domain in question Now click on the Web tab Now click Change Hosting In the dropdown menu for Hosting please choose Standard Forwarding or Frame Forwarding, then click Next Now in the Forwarding URL box please type the address of the site you wish to forward to Now click Next until you finish Please note that forwarding may take upto an hour to take effect.
You can find your FTP login details by first logging in to and then following the instructions below: Note: You might first have to select the Subscription your domain is using for hosting using the Subscription drop down menu You can find your FTP details under: Websites >> Domainname  >> FTP Access Here you will find the address to connect to (FTP URL), your FTP username - you can also simply use the IP address as the hostname if you like. If you do not know the password for the FTP account you will need to reset it - click Edit to change your password. When changing your password you have two options: -You can generate one and save that, it will be displayed on screen when you press the 'Generate       Password' button - you will need to take this down. - Or you can put in your own, in which case you do not press 'Generate Password'. Note: These FTP details are separate from your login details to the control panel.

In this can be done through PHPmyadmin, the database manager. Once you have logged in here click on your database name in the top left hand corner. When you have done this you should see your database tables in the main window. Next click on the "Export" option at the top of the page. This will then open up a window with some options to select. Ensure that all of the tables are selected in the "Export" box. Then select the "Save as file" option at the bottom of this page and click "Go" to the right of this to backup your database. Note: This will only reliably backup a database up to about 10-15MB in size. For any database larger than that you will need to export the database via a cron job.
Note: This is not for creating a database, that is done via under: Home >> Databases >> Add new Database On our shared hosting plans ( you can access a tool called  phpmyadmin to manage your databases. This is available in your control panel (at: // under: Home >> Databases >> Database name >> Browse database manager Which will open up phpmyadmin in a new windows that you can use.

If you have a particular area of your website that yuo only wish for certain people to view via the use of a username and password, then you can setup a Password Protected Directory:

>> Log into >> Now click Websites at the top of the screen >> Now click on the domain >> Now click More Tools >> Now click on Protected Directories >> Now click Add New Protected Directory >> In the Directory Name field input the path to the folder to which yuo wish to protect >> Now in the Directory header field just input whatever you want to call this particular password protected instnace >> Now click Submit >> Now click on the name of the protected directory >> Now click the Users tab >> Click Add New User >> Input the login details and then click Submit

This uses a .htaccess file which can be used to control some aspects of how your website runs. Create a blank file on your computer and name it .htaccess and put the following lines into it (changing the IPs to suit your needs, each command on one line): order allow,deny deny from deny from 123.12.3. allow from all You can deny access based upon a  single IP address or an entire range of IP addresses. The above example blocks access to the site from the IP address123.123.123.123, and from any IP address  under the IP range123.12.3. (,,, etc.) You can also use deny from all (instead of allow from all) which will deny everyone. You can also allow or deny by a specific domain name instead of an IP address if you wish. Just place this .htaccess file into your webroot folder (i.e. the folder you have all your website files located in).  If there is a .htaccess file in this folder then just add the lines you need to this file (some php applications create .htaccess files).  Please note that you can not and should not modify the .htaccess file directly in the webspace folder.
There are a number of links to plugins and plugin sites on the WordPress site
Please note that newer versions of WordPress have features in the WP-Admin section called "Add new theme" that makes this process much more automatic.  The following instructions are only if you installed WordPress on our new system through the Application Vault, if you are running an older version of WordPress, or if you want to install a theme manually. If you installed WordPress through the Application Vault you should not be using the "Add new Plugin" or "Add new Theme" functions, you should instead be using the "Plugin Uploader" and "Theme Uploader" functions now available in the wp-admin section.  Using this you can browse to the file on your local computer and upload it.  The application vault will then install the them in to the correct folder for you.
The IE zone (IEDR) reload (refresh) the IE zonefile four every odd hour, ie.01:00,03:00,05:00,07:00,09:00,11:00,13:00,15:00,17:00,19:00,21:00,23:00 hrs. Any DNS changes to an IE domain where the nameservers are being changed will only happen after a full reload or refresh
For any registrant changes with a .ie we would need a signed fax on the organisation's letterhead outlining the update For example, if XYZ Ltd had registered back in 2002 when Mr John Doe was their IT person Mr Doe might be listed as the Admin contact (admin-c) on the domain name. Time moves on and Mr Doe has left the company (or maybe he's been promoted ..) so Ms Jones is now in charge. The domain is still registered to XYZ Ltd, but you need to get the domain contact updated. A signed fax on the company's headed paper explaining the update should suffice.

The best way to send us proof / documentation for IE registrations is by uploading it to your document manager, the link for which you would have received by email from Alternatively you can email (ie. scan the document and send it to us as a jpeg attachment) or fax it to us, however bear in mind that passports and other documentation do not lend themselves to fax, as they appear completely black and are rendered illegible.

There are several reasons why the transfer of an IE domain maybe delayed. We would ask you to please check the list below Please ensure that you have: Placed the order online, Made payment, Uploaded the signed transfer authorisation letter to your document manager and Ensured that the person who signed the authorisation is the listed admin contact

If you have provided the details required for the registration then it should be available within 2 working days (often sooner). Delays are commonly caused by: - incomplete applications - missing documentation - DNS issues (if hosted outside our network)

You can change the nameservers under: Account or Home >> Registered Domains >> domainname >> Manage Nameservers (note: not under Manage DNS) NB Please ensure that your host has setup the dns correctly as incorrect dns will lead to delays.  The new DNS servers need to be prepared in advance of any attempted update.
Login to your control panel at cp, Then go to Account or Home >> Registered Domains > Domainname > Set/Unset Register Lock This will also issue the EPP key for the domain name via email. Please note that should your domain be listed as unlocked already, lock it again and then unlock to ensure the process is successful and the EPP code is issued.
When you transfer a domain to Magnet you **MUST** change the nameservers for your domain to servers you intend to use (ours or otherwise) This can typically be accomplished in your billing dashboard ( // ) as per the transfer email: Account or Home >> Registered Domains >> domainname >> Manage nameservers The control panel display might show our nameservers until you specifically press the Manage Nameservers button
The methods of transfer for .ie, .com and .uk domains do vary; please take a moment to look over the below instructions. We would recommend paying particular attention to the Domain Transfer Notes at the bottom of this page. Firstly, it is important to be aware that the transfer of domains can take some time to fully complete. Blacknight cannot be held responsible for delays in transfers due to errors made by third parties.
  • .ie domains will typically transfer within two working days, so long as the appropriate documentationis provided.
  • .com domain transfers can take up to 7 days in some cases; please ensure that you have allowed for this when transferring a domain that is due for renewal. We urge you to initiate transfers as far in advance as possible; expired domains cannot be transferred.
  • domains will usually transfer within one day, however you should allow up to 7 days.
  • There are two types of .eu domain transfer. One is a simple transfer, while the other is a trade. Most .eu domain transfers complete within one or two working days
Please note that ‘transferring a domain’ means moving the billing of a domain ONLY. This does not transfer your email accounts or website content, or automatically update the DNS.
The process for transferring a .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz/.mobi/.tv is entirely different. In order to avoid any issues, please ensure that you initiate the transfer as far in advance as possible. Blacknight recommend transferring your domain at least a month prior to the renewal date. You will first need to ensure that your domain’s listed details are correct, in particular the email address. You must have access to the domain’s admin contact email address to complete the transfer.
  • Contact your current provider. If you do not have access to the email address associated with the domain you wish to transfer, you will need to update this. You will then need to request that they unlock the domain for transfer and provide you with an “authorisation key” or “EPP code”.
  • Complete you order at
  • Please ensure that you check the email address for the domain daily (including your Junk Mail folder). Magnets registrar will send an email to this address to verify the transfer request; you must respond to this.
  • If you have any queries or concerns regarding the progress of your transfer, please do not hesitate to contact
If you are moving from an ISP such as Eircom, Vodafone, please ensure that any billing issues are resolved with the ISP before you request the transfer, as this can result in delays. The larger Irish ISPs and hosting companies will respect requests for domain transfers to other companies provided that no such issues exist. In the case of domains registered through Joker, you will need to initiate the transfer process from within the Joker control panel. Important note: Domains cannot be transferred between registrars until the domain is 60 days old.
To transfer a domain, do the following:
  • Contact your current hosting company, requesting that they change the current Registrant's Agent Tag (IPS Tag) to ours:Magnet-IE. Generally this will go through without any issue, however if it does not, due to inactivity or unwillingness on behalf of your current hosting provider, you can request that Nominet initiate the change for you.
  • Once the tag has been changed to us, you can update your nameservers via You will receive a confirmation email once the domain is transferred/completed.
Please be aware that different hosting providers may have different directory structures, so your website code may require some modification to work after the transfer.
  • Most databases can be easily transferred from your old hosting provider to us, but we will have to change the database details, including the database name, the usernames & the passwords. As such, modifications will have to be made to your website's code.
  • The migration of website files and data from an existing hosting provider to Magnet is the sole responsibility of the client
  • We highly recommend an appropriate testing period after you have transferred a domain to us.
  • Be Aware that the transfer of domains can take some time to fully complete.
  • .ie domains typically transfer within 48 hours.
  • .com domains can take up to 7 days in some cases
  • can take a little as one day to transfer, but you should allow up to 7 days.
  • You cannot transfer com/net/org/info/biz domains until they are 60 days old.
  • Magnet cannot be held responsible for delays in transfers due to errors made by third parties
EPP or a domain secret is a word or password used by registrars to help manage domain names. You will require an EPP key when you wish to move a .com/.net/.info/.biz or .eu domain to Magnet
Transfers won't affect the existing DNS records of the domain unless the losing registrar unilaterally disables DNS services before the transfer completes (that normally doesn't happen!) Once the transfer completes you can either continue using your current DNS provider or switch to us. If you choose to switch to us you would need to create the DNS records in our system, as we have no way of "pulling" them from the current provider's servers
SEO is Search Engine Optimisation and there are thousands of websites dedicated to the topic of search engine optimisation, so you could start there. A couple of sites that you might find useful:

We are a hosting company. I'm afraid we do not offer search engine optimisation (seo) or marketing services. Good places to start for anything related to getting your site on to search engines and in particular Google are: // & //

Search Engines do not just happen across websites, there must be a proper Search Engine Optimisation plan of action drawn up by the owner/operator of a website. There are plenty of companies and websites offering information on search engine optimisation (SEO).  A good place to start is: //

The limit on the amount of people you can send an email to, and the amount of emails a single address can send in one minute, on our new plans depend on the hosting package you have.  They are: Innovator plan - maximum of 100 emails per minute, 1000 per hour, 5,000 per day Pro plan - maximum of 100 emails per minute, 1,000 per hour, 10,000 per day The maximum number of recipients on a single email is the same as the amount of emails you can send per minute.  That would be 100 on either plan.
All of our shared hosting plans can support the sending of email through the default SMTP port - 25, and the alternative SMTP port - 587. An increasing number of broadband providers like Smart, Magnet, Vodafone, and parts of Eircom's network are putting restrictions on port 25 on their customers.  This means you typically have to send email out through their outgoing mailserver instead of ours.  This won't be noticeable on the receiving side at all. If you regularly change broadband provider, or don't want to use your broadband provider's mailserver, you can try port 587 however there is nothing to stop Internet Service Providers from putting similar restrictions on this port also. We have specifically seen some customers on parts of Eircom's network being restricted on both port 25 and 587.
To set up email aliases you would login to your control panel and then navigate to the email account in question (typically you would go to: "Email >>click on the display name of the email address). Once you have selected the email address by clicking on the display name you will be able to navigate to the "Email addresses" tab. In this there is an option to add in extra email addresses to the email account, called "Add".  This means that any emails sent to this alias address will be delivered to the mailbox of the main email account. You cannot send emails from the main account and have them appear as if they came from one of the alias addresses. To do this you would need to setup the alias email address as a separate email account.
We give you the option to keep your existing router as part of the Simply Broadband product, so we have ensured that configuring your own router is easy!  Please follow the simple steps outlined in this document  Simply BB Customer Router Setup On the rare occasion that your router is not compatible, it may be an older type of router for example; you can purchase one of our routers.  Just call our sales team and let them know that you would like one of our routers and they will do the rest.
To help us solve your particular issue please tell us more about your problem. I get "limited or no connectivity" message - Click Here I have slow speeds over wi-fi connection - Click Here
Depending on the product ordered and the delivery method will depend on the length of time for your services to be live.  Delivery times range from 5 working days to 20 working days depending on whether we need to install a new line, which involves building a cable path from our equipment in your local exchange to you home or if you have an existing line or if there was a line previously. You will receive a text message within a day or two of placing your order with an installation appointment. From time to time a text message with the appointment fails to be delivered for reasons out of our control, if you do not receive the text message with the installation appointment within a week of placing your order the please call us.
Broadband / Phone connection cables. As part of the welcome pack with your modem/router, you will receive connection cables.  Over the course of time these cables can become damaged and cause issues with your connection.  Whilst we supply the initial connection cables, we do not provide follow up replacement cables as we do not hold a stock of these items.  These cables are in-expensive items and can be purchased from your local PC store. SCART leads If you have a faulty TV SCART lead you will need to replace this. If you have an Amino Set Top Box or a  Motorola Set Top Box and your scart gets damaged we will replace this for you as it is specific to the Amino STB Internal Wiring Some issues can be as a result of faulty or damaged internal wiring in your home.  If you have an issue with your internal wiring or need additional connection points you will need to arrange to have this looked at independently.
If your phone and broadband services are not working it is usually 1 of 3 things..... 1) Your modem/router is not connected, has lost connectivity or is faulty.  2) There is an issue with cables or the internal wiring. 3) There is a fault on the line coming from the exchange to your premises.    The first thing to do is to check all the cables going to the modem are secure.  To check that your modem/outer is connected and functioning as it should please check the set up. Checking if your Telsey Modem is on line                 Checking if your Zyxel Modem is on line If you have tried all of the above and the issue is still present please call us on 1890 809 000 and we will check the line for you.  If the line is faultly a fault will be raised with eircom to restore service.
The first thing to do if you loose your TV service is to check if your phone and broadband are working.  If you have lost these services also please check the following:- Click Here If it is only your TV services alot of the times it is a loose or faulty scart lead, or the Set Top Box needs to be re-booted 1 Please check all cables are secure 2. Check for any damage to scart pins or connections 3. Re-boot your Set Top Box by simply switching it on and off again 4. If you are a Fibre to the Home customer please also re-boot the CPS - Click Here  
Depends on what the domain name is to be used for. To help you select the appropriate categories and provide the correct documentation for your registration we have created a guide to the .ie Domain Registry Policies which can be found at the below URL’s:
Please place your order with our online system and fax us the transfer authorisation on your headed paper (or equivalent).  Alternatively you can scan and email it to us. The transfer authorisation should be worded as follows: "I ADMINCONTACT authorise the modification of DOMAIN to Magnet with immediate effect Signed ADMINCONTACT" NB Please ensure that the transfer request is signed. If the original Admin-c for the domain name is no longer with the company or business you will need to ensure that the authorisation letter includes this information ie. person X is no longer an employee of company Y (or words to that effect)
While we will attempt to send your registration request to the IE domain registry immediately we cannot guarantee it. Once the domain request has been submitted the domain status will change to "pending". If your domain's DNS is not setup correctly the domain will be "stalled" until you rectify the situation. An IE domain requires two valid nameservers for it to be registered. If you are not using our nameservers we cannot be responsible for delays in domain registration. ALL IE domain registrations will require documentation of some kind and the registration will not fully process until the documentation has been received and processed NB: Domain orders will only be processed on receipt of payment
All our servers are based in Dublin on our core network which is connected to both the Irish Internet Exchange (INEX), London International Exchange (LINX) as well as having other private peers with other important global internet partners.
From time to time your broadband services can stop working or can be intermittent...... There are 4 main reasons for this...and all very easy for you to check and resolve quickly 1. Loose or faulty connections or cables.... have you checked all your cables and connections to your router? 2. The router from time to time needs to be re-booted as it has gone off line, or it may have gone faulty.....have you checked your router set-up? 3. The line into your premises is disconnected or has a break in it somewhere along the route to your house or apartment....if you live in an apartment have you checked with your property management company that there is no issue with cabling in your building? 4. Lastly...have you ever had connectivity?  Have you received confirmation by e-mail and SMS that your services are active? Checking if your Zyxel Modem is on line       Checking if your Telsey Modem is on line If you have re-connected all your cables re boooted your router and you are still having issues please tell us more about your problem as as we can direct you to the resolution.
  1. I have Slow Broadband or Internet Speed - Click Here
  2. I can’t access SOME websites - Click Here
  3. I can’t access ANY websites - Click Here
  4. I am getting a "limited or no connectivity" message - Visit our WiFi Help Page
  5. My Broadband is slow when connected directly to the modem - WiFi Help Page
See below for full Zyxel andTelsey configuration guides to further assist. WiFi Help Page                Magnet Telsey Modem Guide Find out more about high-speed fibre broadband to your home from Magnet Plus.
Before you trouble shoot it is worth remembering that the Internet is an unregulated collection of computers. Magnet provides the initial connection from your home to the Internet - but we have no control over what happens beyond our network. During times of significant internet usage, good (major broadcast events), and bad (large scale internet attacks), etc) the Internet itself may be slow. In some instances a specific site you are trying to visit may be having difficulties due to high visitor numbers. With some broadband providers there is the additional complication that you may be sharing your connection to the internet with other customers. That is not the case with Magnet. If you are still concerned about your broadband or internet connection speed please select one of the following to help us resolve your issue:
  • If you are on a lap-top or handheld connecting over WIFI click here
  • If you are connecting to the internet with a computer that is directly connected to the Modem click here
Calls to low-call numbers are not included in any Local or National call packs and are therefore charged separately.

Firstly check to see what kind of modem/router you have.  It may be a Telsey or a Zyxel, or are you are a Simply Broadband Customer and are using your own modem?

Magnet Telsey Modem Guide

ZYXEL install and wireless set up

Simply BB Customer Router Setup

There are 3 main reasons why all your services would cease to work.... 1) A power outage in your estate - this can be an issue that is resolved in conjunction with the property maintance company 2) A fibre break in your estate - on rare occasions if work is being carried out by a contractor they can in error damage the fibre cable.  This requires a site visit by our cabling contractor to restore 3) An issue with the CPS device in your home. This is the small white device labled packetfront contained in the Magnet Cabinet.  In a large number of cases this simply needs to be rebooted to restore services Power down the CPS device by switching it off and removing the power supply to it. Wait for 5 minutes and turn the CPS back on.  When you do a green LED will illuminate at the top of the CPS confirming it is receiving power. For Troubelshooting purposes and for a better understanding of how this device works -FTTH CPS Device - Troubleshooting  
The International call pack includes Fixed Line calls to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK, US (includes US mobile).
EPP or a domain secret is a word or password used by registrars to help manage domain names. You will require an EPP key when you wish to move a .com/.net/.info/.biz or .eu domain to Magnet
Transfers won't affect the existing DNS records of the domain unless the losing registrar unilaterally disables DNS services before the transfer completes (that normally doesn't happen!) Once the transfer completes you can either continue using your current DNS provider or switch to us. If you choose to switch to us you would need to create the DNS records in our system, as we have no way of "pulling" them from the current provider's servers
Please select the service that is not working:
To help find out why your phone is not working please carry out the following simple steps; 1. Your Phone is powered on (seems obvious but sometimes kids unplug and switch things off!) 2. Your phone is directly connected to the modem or the correct socket.  Your phone should be connected to 'Phone 1' on a Telsey Modem 3. Some customers connect via wall sockets, and in this case you should try a different socket. If your phone is now working it is likely that you have a damaged socket. An electrician or building maintenance company will be able to assist you replace the socket. 4. Check that your broadband is also working. If there is a problem with your phone line or modem then it is likely that your broadband will not be working either. To trouble shoot your broadband please follow the steps shown on our Broadband Support page 5. If you are a Fibre to the Home customer have you checked your ATA is set up correctly?  Follow these simple steps to ensure it is connected correctly. Linksys ATA install 6. Your account is paid and up to date. If you have forgotten to pay your most recent bill on time, your services may have been suspended. Call our accounts team on 1890 809 009 if you need to clear your account. 7. If you have checked all of the steps above and your service is still not working, please call us on 1890 809 000 and Select "Technical Issue" to speak to one of our staff.
1. If you find that you cannot connect to a specific website, please check that your internet connection is working by accessing these common sites: 2. If you can access these sites, then it is likely that the site which you cannot access is unavailable. This issue is generally outside our control and may be a result of that site being down for maintenance or other service issues. 3. If you cannot access the sample sites listed above, then there is an issue with your Broadband/Internet connection and you should follow the link below to find out how to resolve this issue. My Broadband/Internet Service is not working properly
  1. The first step is to check if your Modem or Router is online.
  2. There are a series of lights on the front of your Modem which will help us to find the problem. Depending on which service you have from Magnet you will have a light labeled "DSL" or "Link" depending on which modem/router you have.
Which modem do I have?  Check below Checking if your Zyxel Modem is on line     Checking if your Telsey Modem is on line No Lights Visible
  • If there are no light visible on the front of the box, please check that the power cable is connected to the back of the Modem and that the power socket is ON.
  • Please check the socket is working – Try a lamp or other device.
  • If the Power cables are connected, the power socket is working and the Modem has no lights then it is likely that your modem needs to be replaced. Please call 1890 809 000 to allow us to investigate the issue.
"DSL" or "Link" Light Flashing
  1. Power off and power on the box.
  2. If after 60 seconds from power-on, the "Link" or "DSL" light has stopped flashing then your Broadband should now be working.
  3. If after 60 seconds from power-on, the "Link" or "DSL" light is still flashing then please check that the small cable that runs from the modem to the phone socket is securely connected.
  4. If on reconnecting the phone cable, the "Link" or "DSL" light has stopped flashing then your Broadband should now be working.
  5. If on reconnecting the phone cable, the "Link" or "DSL" light is still flashing, there may be an issue with the line in or to your house, or your modem. Our staff can help determine what exactly is causing the issue. Please call 1890 809 000 to allow us to investigate further.
"DSL" or "Link" Solid
  • If the "Link" or "DSL" light is solid (not flashing) please check your internet connection on your computer again by closing and restarting your internet browser.
  • If your internet browser connects to the internet then the issue has been resolved for now.
  • Devices do need to be powered off from time to time, however if you have the same problem within a few days and re-powering the Modem/Router again solves the problem, please call us as there may be a fault with the Modem and we would like to carry out some tests.
  • If after restarting your internet browser you still cannot connect to the internet then please check that the Modem is securely connected to your computer with a Cat5 cable. Also please check your Network Settings on your Computer. Please note that Magnet is not able to provide assistance with PC or Computer set-ups. There are how ever some. YouTube is a rich source of free online demonstrations for most Home PC issues, including for example:
How to Find Your Network Settings on a Windows XP Computer  //
Connecting to your Internet connection over WIFI is very convenient. You don't need cables and you can move around the house. However what we sometimes forget is that WIFI is a radio signal that suffers from interference from buildings, other radios in some cases and if you allow others to connect to it then it's a shared connection. However if you are concerned about the speed of your WIFI connection then the first step is to check whether it is your WIFI connection that is slow or your Broadband/Internet Service. Follow the steps below to test and compare the speed of both connections:
  1. Using your computer connecting over WIFI visit and Run Speed Test
  2. Record the results on a piece of paper – upload and download speed.
  3. Connect your lap-top directly to your modem with a cat5 cable and disable wifi access on your laptop
  4. Visit again and retest your speed
  5. Record the results along side the results for your laptop over wifi.
Compare the results as follows:
  • If your internet connection is far faster when directly connected to the Modem, it is likely that your WIFI connection is slow. You could try testing from a different location in your house to see if the signal strength of the wifi was the issue - or check if anyone else is using the connection. For other suggestions on how to maximise your wifi connections click here
  • If your speed is slow on both Test results then it is worth checking your Broadband Service by visiting the following help page.
30% of our customers find that re-booting or restarting the modem resolves this issue. Modems from time to time need to be restarted to clear their processors and allow them to function at their design speeds. We suggest you carry out a speed test, restart your modem and then repeat the speed test. If there is no improvement in speed then we will recommend additional steps to trouble shoot. Speed Test 1
  1. If any of the following programmes or applications are running currently you should stop them while you are doing a speed test - Virus Scans, online back-ups or other routine tasks that may be running.
  2. If you are sharing your broadband with other computers or users in your home or office, you should also disconnect them during the speed test.
  3. Close any application that accesses the internet including company vpn’s or open browser, streaming services, internet radio or video,
  4. Re-open your web browser (eg internet explorer, chrome, safari, firefox)
  5. Visit the following website .
    1. Note: There are other speed test sites such as These are accessed across the internet and are subject to factors beyond Magnet’s direct control. It is best to test on Magnet's network.
  6. Run the Speedtest
  7. Note down on a piece of paper the results of the speed test (upload and download speeds)
Restart your Modem
  1. Unplug the modem from the power socket
  2. Leave it powered off for 30 seconds.
  3. Plug in the modem and check wait to see the "DSL" or "link" light turn solid.
  4. Check that your computer now has internet access.
Speed Test 2
  1. If any of the following programmes or applications are running currently you should stop them while you are doing a speed test - Virus Scans, online back-ups or other routine tasks that may be running.
  2. If you are sharing your broadband with other computers or users in your home or office, you should also disconnect them during the speed test.
  3. Close any application that accesses the internet including company vpn’s or open browser, streaming services, internet radio or video,
  4. Re-open your web browser (eg internet explorer, chrome, safari, firefox)
  5. Visit the following website .
  6. Run the Speedtest
  7. Note down on a piece of paper the results of the speed test (upload and download speeds)
Compare Results of Speed Test 1 and Speed Test 2
  1. If there is no improvement in Speed please contact our help desk on 1890 809 000. Note: Broadband speeds can vary due to line quality or other network related issues. Our technical team will be able to assist at this point.
When attempting to set up or make network connections on a Windows computer, you may encounter a Limited Or No Connectivity error message similar to the following: Limited or no connectivity: The connection has limited or no connectivity. You might be unable to access the Internet or some network resources. This message can result from any of several different technical glitches or configuration problems. Follow these steps to resolve Limited Or No Connectivity errors in Windows.
    1. If your computer connects to the network directly via the Magnet router, resetting (powering off and on) the router may resolve the issue. If not using a broadband router, or if resetting your router only temporarily resolves the issue and the error message re-appears later, continue to the following steps.
    2. If directly connected to your network using an Ethernet cable, your cable may have failed. Temporarily replace your network cable with a new one to determine whether this resolves the issue.
    3. If connecting to your network using Wi-Fi it may be that you are too far from the Wi-Fi Access point or there is interference affecting the signal from the Wi-Fi access point. Try moving closer to the Wi-Fi access point to get a better signal.
    4. If connecting to your network using Wi-Fi and using wireless security, your WEP or other security key may not be set properly. Check the wireless security configuration on your computer's network adapter and update if it necessary. How do I get my Wi-Fi Password/WEP Key?
Where to Find Your Wireless Password / WEP Key  Your Password/WEP Key for your Magnet router is MAGNET0 (MAGNET followed by a zero) PLUS the last 6 digits of your routers Serial Number. Your router's Serial Number is located on the underside of the router and is preceeded by the letters S/N Your Wireless Password / WEP Key or Network Key will look like the following sample - MAGNET0876765
If you have not damaged your remote control then it is likely that you need to replace the batteries. To replace the batteries, please remove the old batteries from the rear of the Remote Control and replace all of the batteries with new batteries. See the full Motorola Remote control User Manual Replacement remotes can be purchased from Magnet by calling 1890 809 000 , Option 1
If your wall socket is damaged or broken then it is likely that your services will not work. Your wall sockets are not Magnet's property and may have been installed during the construction of your property. Please contact either the building management company, your landlord or a qualified electrician.

Magnet+ Guide

With the myMagnet+ service, you can set schedule recordings on your Magnet+ box from anywhere with internet access, be it a mobile phone or a computer. Now there’s nothing stopping you catching up on your favourite programs, not even the traffic!

Getting Started

To get started, you will need your phone number and pin number to hand. You would have received these in an activation SMS and email from us. If you have not received either an SMS or email, a quick call to our customer services team on 1890 809 000 will have you ready to get started in no time. The account activation SMS or email contains a webpage address, // This is the homepage of the myMagnet+ service. We suggest saving it to your bookmarks on your phone / pc. To begin, simply navigate to this page by clicking it on your phone / pc. The myMagnet+ homepage will appear prompting you to enter your phone number and pin number. Simply enter your phone number and PIN number and select what type of login you would like, Mobile Login if you are viewing the page on a Mobile Phone, or Login if you are viewing from a PC. To learn about all Magnet+ features down load the following user guide : MyMagnet+ User Guide  

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