I am a Fibre To The Home customer and I have no services

There are 3 main reasons why all your services would cease to work….

1) A power outage in your estate – this can be an issue that is resolved in conjunction with the property maintance company

2) A fibre break in your estate – on rare occasions if work is being carried out by a contractor they can in error damage the fibre cable.  This requires a site visit by our cabling contractor to restore

3) An issue with the CPS device in your home.

This is the small white device labled packetfront contained in the Magnet Cabinet.  In a large number of cases this simply needs to be rebooted to restore services

Power down the CPS device by switching it off and removing the power supply to it.

Wait for 5 minutes and turn the CPS back on.  When you do a green LED will illuminate at the top of the CPS confirming it is receiving power.

For Troubelshooting purposes and for a better understanding of how this device works –FTTH CPS Device – Troubleshooting