My phone is not working

To help find out why your phone is not working please carry out the following simple steps;

1. Your Phone is powered on (seems obvious but sometimes kids unplug and switch things off!)

2. Your phone is directly connected to the modem or the correct socket.  Your phone should be connected to ‘Phone 1’ on a Telsey Modem

3. Some customers connect via wall sockets, and in this case you should try a different socket. If your phone is now working it is likely that you have a damaged socket. An electrician or building maintenance company will be able to assist you replace the socket.

4. Check that your broadband is also working. If there is a problem with your phone line or modem then it is likely that your broadband will not be working either. To trouble shoot your broadband please follow the steps shown on our Broadband Support page

5. If you are a Fibre to the Home customer have you checked your ATA is set up correctly?  Follow these simple steps to ensure it is connected correctly. Linksys ATA install

6. Your account is paid and up to date. If you have forgotten to pay your most recent bill on time, your services may have been suspended. Call our accounts team on 1890 809 009 if you need to clear your account.

7. If you have checked all of the steps above and your service is still not working, please call us on 1890 809 000 and Select “Technical Issue” to speak to one of our staff.