My Broadband/Internet Service is Slow

Before you trouble shoot it is worth remembering that the Internet is an unregulated collection of computers. Magnet provides the initial connection from your home to the Internet – but we have no control over what happens beyond our network.

During times of significant internet usage, good (major broadcast events), and bad (large scale internet attacks), etc) the Internet itself may be slow.

In some instances a specific site you are trying to visit may be having difficulties due to high visitor numbers.

With some broadband providers there is the additional complication that you may be sharing your connection to the internet with other customers. That is not the case with Magnet.

If you are still concerned about your broadband or internet connection speed please select one of the following to help us resolve your issue:

  • If you are on a lap-top or handheld connecting over WIFI click here
  • If you are connecting to the internet with a computer that is directly connected to the Modem click here