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One in five Irish businesses has no cyber-security policy. This leaves over 50,000 SMEs without a strategy to resist vulnerabilities, threats or breaches. 24/7 cyber-protection has become essential for every business – and Magnet + can now deliver this with solutions powered by Exponential-E. Globally trusted and highly experienced, Exponential-E is validated by seven different ISO accreditations.

How secure is your network? Discover today, with a comprehensive FREE VULNERABILITY SCAN.

Jargon Buster

Cyber-security speaks its own language. Translate all the tech terminology with our easy-to-understand jargon-busting guide.

Data Spill

How bad can a data breach really be? Read the full story of how a simple breach can snowball into a serious problem.  

Cyber Security 

Cyber security attacks have become more frequent and sophisticated. In 2021, the volume of attacks increased dramatically


Incorrectly configured software, weak encryption and easily accessible databases can expose businesses to cyber attack. Regular vulnerability scanning highlights issues which can be immediately remedied.

  • 50 vulnerabilities identified daily on average
  • Detailed technical and non-technical reports issued
  • Service fully scalable.
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Email can be an access point for numerous diverse threats. Magnet+ Content Filtering analyses incoming and outgoing material for dangers and leaks.

  • Real timing monitoring of all email and web traffic via a single pane of glass
  • Staff can use their own devices
  • Simple to deploy and manage.
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End Point

95% of data breaches occur on endpoints such as staff laptops or smartphones. Our fully automated protection service continuously detects and intercepts all forms of threats on all endpoints.

  • 31,000 unique threat characteristics monitored
  • Works on all platforms including Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Operates alongside existing anti-virus software.
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Your firewalls generate alerts constantly. Our automated data collection agents evaluate these and request analysis by experts located in our Security Operations Centre.

  • 24  x 7 x 365 analysis
  • Monitors all your firewalls, not just those installed by Magnet+.
  • Single pane of glass reporting.
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Our Security Operations Centre is a specialised unit that monitors and responds to all threats to your systems and infrastructure. Regardless of size, manufacturer or location.

  • Central monitoring of all your security systems
  • Data is analysed in a secure, Cloud-based platform
  • Simple to deploy and manage.
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Managed Cyber-Security Operations Centre

Centralise control and have industry experts constantly monitor every event and threats experienced by your network – whatever its scale.

  • Always-on, always vigilant scrutiny
  • All incidents recorded in real-time
  • Highly cost-effective
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Cyber-Security Diagnostics Assessment

How secure are your systems? A CSDA will check how well-protected your network really is and spot any weaknesses that cyber-attackers would be quick to exploit.

  • Assesses compliance with ISO 27001 and other key standards
  • Relevant, actionable advice
  • Fully independent and objective
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Crisis Response-as-a-Service

Have an expert team always on-call who can respond to any cyber-attack and minimise its damage and disruption.

  • 24 / 7 / 365 availability
  • On-site crisis management for your staff
  • Experience and learn from simulated attacks
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