Town Hall Theatre

Town Hall Theatre spans three spaces across two theatres in Galway. The largest space is the Town Hall Auditorium, a 400-seater space with a 50-seater studio. The Black Box Theatre is a 400–600-seater space nearby which holds exhibitions and performances. 

Over a typical year, Town Hall Theatre sells up to 120,000-130,000 seats, a significant number considering the population of Galway City is approximately 75,000-80,000 people. 

Why did you choose Magnet+?

Town Hall Theatre chose Magnet+ after hearing about the company at the Digital Marketing Awards in 2016 which were held in Galway. Town Hall Theatre wanted the best quality connectivity possible and heard that Magnet+ could provide them with that service.

What services does Magnet+ provide Town Hall Theatre with? 

Magnet+ provides broadband services to Town Hall Theatre. This is an important service to the organisation as they need their performers and audiences to be able to connect and use broadband without any issues. 

This service has facilitated significant growth for Town Hall Theatre, particularly during Covid-19. The venue used the high-quality broadband provided by Magnet+ to live stream performances to their audiences, allowing the theatre to remain operational when no in-person events or performances were permitted. 

When connecting to the theatre’s Wi-Fi, members of the audience can consent to providing the theatre with their email addresses for news and promotional updates. This has allowed the theatre to keep their audiences up to date via their direct email database and inform them of any changes to schedules during the pandemic.

Fergal McGrath, Venue Director at Town Hall Theatre,said: 

‘From providing Wi-Fi for the public and the performers to being able to live stream performances from Town Hall Theatre to peoples’ homes, we can see that by working with Magnet+ we made ten years progress over two years during the pandemic.”

What impressed Town Hall Theatre most about Magnet+?

What impressed Town Hall Theatre most about Magnet+ was their reliability, their quick response time, and the level of support they provide. When live streaming major events, Town Hall Theatre were extremely happy with the quality of their output and experienced no connectivity issues for worldwide audiences in Canada, Australia and the United States. 

Fergal McGrath, Venue Director at Town Hall Theatre,said: 

“Our agenda was accelerated during the pandemic and every time we found an obstacle, the solution was often digital. Magnet+ helped us overcome those hurdles and that’s why we are happy to continue working with them.”

If Town Hall Theatre had to give Magnet+ a rating out of five, what would it be and why?

Fergal McGrath, Venue Director at Town Hall Theatre,said: 

Based on our experience, I would say five out of five. The products Magnet+ has offered us combined with the technical support we receive from them is critical. We are a customer-facing organisation so we’re very responsive and our suppliers are too.”

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