CARI is a charity called ‘Children at Risk in Ireland’ which employ psycho-therapists to work with children who are affected by child sexual abuse and to work with the non-offending carers in the child’s life. It is very important and difficult work where reliable communications is key.

Why did you choose Magnet+?

Magnet+ was the provider in use when Colm O’Brien, General Manager at CARI, began working for the charity. Magnet+ worked alongside Colm to amend their systems and settings to better suit the hardware being used, while also ensuring that the organisation had the services required for remote working during the pandemic. As good communication is crucial to CARI, it was important that the telecommunication services being provided were applicable.  

“I was aware that if Magnet+ were being used by so many other high-profile organisations they would find a way to work well for CARI.”

Colm O’Brien, General Manager at CARI

What services does Magnet+ provide CARI with?

Magnet+ provides CARI with a softphone application on their own laptop devices, mobile handsets and reports on their call logs which CARI find particularly useful from a management perspective.

What benefits has CARI experienced since implementing services from Magnet+?

CARI now uses the settings recommended by Magnet+ to ensure the communications system works as well as possible and leaves no gaps. They also have access to real time data and support when they have any issues which need resolving.

How did Magnet+ support the transition to remote working during COVID-19 lockdowns?

CARI had initial connectivity issues when they made the switch to remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was due to poor internet connectivity in certain areas allied with old hardware. Magnet+’s solutions provided CARI with the opportunity to work remotely seamlessly. They came in and fixed the systems so that CARI’s staff could work remotely, and continue to do so to this day. 

What has impressed CARI the most about Magnet+ services?

What has impressed CARI most about Magnet+ is their commitment to resolving issues for their customers. The dedication of Magnet+ to understand CARI’s situation and adapt to resolve them was notable. The follow-through of that support has been evident ever since.

What rating would CARI give to Magnet+ out of five, and why?

“I never give five out of five as I think there is always room to improve for us all, but I’m happy to give Magnet+ a four out of five for their commitment to supporting us.”

Colm O’Brien, General Manager at CARI

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