Is It Time To Switch Your Business Broadband and Phone Provider?

Business Broadband and Phone Provider

The primary objective of every business is to make money. This task becomes even more challenging when a business’ two primary methods of engaging with customers – online and the phone – are not up to scratch. Many businesses remain loyal to packages and don’t switch business broadband providers, they stay with ones that don’t offer them the best service or value for money yet when businesses are asked what they would like to see from their provider the common responses are faster broadband and reduced costs.
Switch business broadband and phone provider.

Why People don’t Switch Business Broadband and Phone Provider

There are a number of factors why people don’t change providers but the primary reason is inertia. Businesses that are dissatisfied with their service yet continue to stay with their supplier see switching as too much hard work and too much of an inconvenience yet the case for switching to Magnet has never been stronger. Take a look below at why some of our customers decided to make the smart choice and switch to Magnet.

Quality Service is Crazily Important for Business Broadband and Phone Provider

According to Magnet Network’s Regional Business Barometer, 30% of SME’s plan to invest in IT infrastructure in 2015. Spanish Point, a Dublin-based Software Company, is one of the many companies who have upgraded to Magnet to improve their voice and internet communication systems. Spanish Point needs to maintain high broadband speeds capable of uploading large, complex files and has to maintain communications requirements between its Dublin head office and two off-shore software development centres in Eastern Europe.

Spanish Point opted for the fully managed Magnet Voice service, which offers a top of the range phone system managed offsite by Magnet. The complete service, including broadband, minutes and the phone system all available on a fixed monthly fee, allows Spanish Point to allocate phones to people who are out of the office or working remotely. The Magnet Voice app even allows workers to connect to the business phone system through their smartphone or desktop meaning they can make calls just as though they were sitting at their desks.

Cost-Savings that can be Achieved when you Switch Business Broadband and Phone Provider

One thing businesses sometimes fail to remember is that a quality broadband and phone service is not just a necessity but an investment. This was something realised by Concern Worldwide, an Irish charitable organisation that provides emergency humanitarian assistance and development aid in developing countries. Concern Worldwide switched to Magnet business broadband because they wanted to improve their existing broadband speeds whilst also reducing costs as they operate in many far flung locations worldwide.

One of the reasons Concern chose Magnet was the dramatically reduced costs offered by Magnet. This choice was well made with Concern achieving cost savings of 53%. This amounted to an impressive €144,000 in savings over two years. Additionally, Concern’s broadband speed jumped from 2Mbps to 10Mbps through Magnet’s Next Generation Network.

Take a look at Our Case Studies to see how some of Magnet Network’s clients have made and continue to make remarkable savings with Magnet.

Business Broadband and Phone should be a Tailored Package

In business cost matters and Magnet’s goal is to provide value by helping companies make savings from increased bandwidth, IP telephony, reduced inter-office call costs and zero line-rental costs.

At Magnet, we know that when it comes to Business Broadband and phone systems, it is rarely a case of one size fits all. A company with 5-10 employees is going to need a completely different phone system compared to an international enterprise with offices throughout the world. We aim to work with you to create a package and service that delivers everything your business needs irrespective of its size.

Does your Business Broadband and Phone Provider offer Dedicated Support?

High levels of business support should come as standard, however they rarely do.  That is why Magnet provides each business with its own Personal Account Manager. Businesses want issues to be resolved quickly. At Magnet every business customer has a dedicated professional whose job it is to ensure high levels of account service are delivered at all times.

Tico Group, a leading supplier of mail, direct mail and postal fulfilment services in Ireland, contacted Magnet to see whether they could receive the same services they were receiving from Imagine, but at a lower cost.

Tico opted to use the Magnet Voice telephony service which delivered lower telecom costs while also removing the need for upfront capital expenditure on telephony infrastructure. When asked about the support they received and ease with which they made the move to Magnet Network’s service, Lee Murphy, IT Manager at Tico said “From the offset, our Account Manager there was brilliant. Nothing was too much to ask, which is really important when you are responsible for a team of staff that are working both in the office and remotely.”


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