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Moloney + Farrell is a small practice based in Sandyford with four team members. They provide services for small and medium sized businesses across all industries. Moloney + Farrell Accountants provide clients with accountancy services, audit services, tax compliance services and company office returns. They also deliver all the necessary tools a small business needs to navigate the business environment.

Why did you choose Magnet+?

Moloney + Farrell were using an old PSTN exchange while working from home during Covid. Upon their return to the office, the exchange started to cause issues and they decided to look for alternative options. Originally, they were going to change to another PSTN, but it became clear that a hosted voice system would suit the needs of the business better. The team did some market research into who could provide this service and Magnet+ was the most prominent and recommended name.

Moloney + Farrell recognised that the hosted voice system would be much more efficient and reliable than a PSTN. The hosted voice system from Magnet+ also offers certain features which provide a range of options if the practice ever has to work from home again.

As a result, Moloney + Farrell clients were happy to highly recommended Magnet+ and its services.

What services do Magnet+ provide Moloney + Farrell with?

Magnet+ provides all communication and telephone services for Moloney + Farrell. Magnet+ also provides a hosted telephone system so there is no internal exchange.

What has impressed you the most about Magnet+?

Colm Farrell, Partner at Moloney + Farrell, said:

“What impressed me the most about Magnet+ was the simplicity of installing the system. Once we chose to use Magnet+ services, the whole process was extremely quick. We got our handsets in just a few days. The system was up and running very quickly, all we had to do was connect it to our network. It worked out of the box.” 

What key benefits have Magnet+ brought to Moloney + Farrell?

Colm Farrell, Partner at Moloney + Farrell, added:

“The main benefit we have seen is a cost reduction on our services. We also have a perfectly reliable system which we don’t have to worry about managing ourselves as Magnet+ looks after this for us. The system is 100% reliable. Again, if we ever need to work from home, we have that option now with Magnet+ which we didn’t have previously.” 

If you have to give Magnet+ a rating, out of five stars, what would it be?

Colm Farrell, Partner at Moloney & Farrell, said:

“I would give Magnet+ five stars out of five. Mainly because of the simplicity of installing the system. It was so easy to install, we literally took it out of the box, connected it up to our network and we were up and running in a few minutes. It was significantly easier than installing a PSTN exchange which would’ve taken days and required wires. 

I would highly recommend Magnet+ to any business interested in using a hosted voice system. It has been very easy to use and is definitely the way of the future.”

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