LGBT Ireland is a national organisation underpinned by localised knowledge and responses. Together with our network members, we provide support, training, and advocacy which aims to improve the lives of LGBT+ people across Ireland.

Tell us about LGBT Ireland and its services?

LGBT Ireland is a national organisation representing the LGBTQI+ community in Ireland.  It has a number of key services and objectives, one of which includes providing support services such as the National LGBT Helpline and the ‘tele-friending’ service. With strong connectivity being essential for these services to function successfully, Magnet+ has played a key role over the last seven years by providing technological solutions such as Magnet Talk to support the successful operation of the National LGBT Helpline Network. 

The tele-friending service was developed out of a need for older members of the LGBTQI+ community to be able to connect and access the LGBT Ireland services, particularly those who were living rurally and may not have access to broadband, but do have a phone.  Today, a significant number of members of the older LGBTQI+ community in Ireland connect with their tele-friend once a week, which would not have been possible without the help of Magnet+.

What services and solutions has Magnet+ provided LGBT Ireland?

Over the past seven years, LGBT Ireland has used the Magnet Talk service from Magnet+. Magnet Talk supports the successful operation of the network on the National LGBT Helpline nationwide by providing key technological voice solutions including the Magnet+ soft phone or the Magnet+ App.

What prompted the need for a voice solution?

LGBT Ireland needed a voice solution to sustain the National LGBT Helpline in all of the six locations nationwide. Magnet+ had the most coherent service and offered the technology that was needed to be able to take the calls in a remote context.

What are some of the key successful outcomes and benefits LGBT Ireland has experience since implementing Magnet+ services?

Steven O’ Riordan, Services Development Coordinator for LGBT Ireland said:

“Since implementing the Magnet+ service we’ve found that LGBT Ireland has been able to move away from the historical way of operating a helpline such as traditionally picking up the receiver in an office, we’re now able to have 65 volunteers nationwide work remotely using the Magnet+ technology which includes a Magnet Talk soft phone or Magnet Talk app, which has been a major success for us. 

The ability to be able to work remotely using the Magnet+ solutions has also made it easier for us to recruit volunteers, whether it’s from home, from the office or from abroad, having the option to work remote has definitely been of benefit to us.

Magnet Talk has supported our 65 volunteers nationwide to be able to take calls seven nights a week, uninterrupted, across seven different locations nationwide.

If you had to give Magnet+ a rating, what would it be?

Claire Murphy, Head of Fundraising and Partnershipslocation for LGBT Ireland said:  

“At LGBT Ireland, we would be happy to give Magnet+ a rating of five stars out of five. We’ve always found that they are incredibly supportive, whenever we come up against a challenge, we can just pick up the phone and someone will spend as much time as needed to be able to support us so we are incredibly happy with our service from Magnet+.”

What’s impressed you most about Magnet+?

Steven O’ Riordan, Services Development Coordinator for LGBT Ireland said:

“We’ve had a relationship with the Magnet+ team for the past seven years and they’ve come out to all of our six locations nationwide to install phonelines, broadband and provide consistent technical services so we always have support available to us, seven days a week.

What I’ve been most impressed with since the start of our work with Magnet+ is the relationship we’ve built over the past seven years. We know now when we call the Magnet+ technology support team, we can ask for specific members of staff who know our product very well and know the kind of services we provide.”

How did LGBT Ireland hear about Magnet+?

LGBT Ireland researched online and found Magnet+ aligned with the work that LGBT Ireland does in terms of their mission and brand. When looking at providers, the technology that Magnet+ could provide was the right option for us.

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