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Horizon Digital Print Solutions was established in 1996 and has been leading the way in sustainable printing ever since. The company specialises in small format printing including business cards, leaflets and flyers as well as larger commercial projects such as Exhibitions, Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) and In-Store Points of Sale (POS). 

This year Horizon Digital Print were awarded the ‘Green Manufacturer of the Year’ award which was a significant achievement for the business and its 90+ employees who have worked extremely hard to continually develop the brand and evolve its services in recent years.

How did you hear about Magnet+?

Magnet+ came highly recommended to Horizon Digital Print Solutions. After experiencing Magnet+ services first hand while on a call to an existing customer, Ross Gillen, Account Director at Horizon, was so impressed with the system’s performance and efficiency he decided Horizon needed to switch connectivity providers to Magnet+ immediately.

What services does Magnet+ provide?

Magnet+ provides Horizon Digital Print Solutions with a range of services including Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), Business Broadband and Magnet Talk. 

Why did you choose Magnet+?

Horizon Digital Print Solutions chose Magnet+ for the flexibility it offers to the sales team. The Magnet+ app is essential for the floor staff as they are constantly going between buildings throughout the day and require strong reception and connectivity for calls which the app provides seamlessly.

What key benefits has Magnet+ brought to Horizon Digital Print Solutions?

Ross Gillen, Account Director at Horizon Digital Print Solutions, said:

“A major benefit for us was how easy the Magnet+ services are to use and the seamless connectivity between all our buildings on site.”

What has impressed Ross the most about working with Magnet+?

“What impressed us the most was how easy the changeover process was from our previous supplier to Magnet+. They were also extremely flexible when coming on site to train the team on the new system. Magnet+ has a very hands-on approach. For example if we have any questions, we can speak to a team member directly instead going through an automated system, which was something we didn’t experience with our previous supplier. Magnet+ also did a full audit of our previous system and advised us on any improvements and savings that we could make which was very helpful.”

If you had to give Magnet+ a rating out of 5 stars, what would it be?

Ross Gillen, Account Director at Horizon Digital Print Solutions said:

“We would give Magnet+ 5 stars. We find the team extremely flexible and their services are easy to use for people working on site, at home and even abroad. The app is also very easy to navigate. For example if I’m on holidays I can easily use the app to switch off incoming calls to my mobile so they are re-directed back to our main office.”

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