Magnet Always-On

The 4G back-up that keeps your business operating, even if your main broadband connection fails: from just €25 per month

Whether your broadband lets you process credit card payments, take bookings, make phone calls or manage any other aspect of your business, a broken connection is a headache you don’t need.

So how do you keep operating if a storm, a digger or a flood wipes out your connection? The simple, affordable answer is Magnet Always-On.

Think of it as a spare tyre or a reserve parachute for your broadband. The only difference is that you don’t have to do anything; instead, Magnet Always-On kicks in automatically when it detects that your main connection has failed.

Magnet Always-On operates via an entirely separate 4G wireless network. This means it keeps essential services like your phones and Electronic Point of Sale Terminals working. You may not even know your main connection is down – but we will. Our engineers are alerted as soon as Magnet Always-On is triggered and can then start working to resolve the problem. Once fixed, your primary connection will take over again automatically. Peace of mind for you and an always-positive experience for your customers: that’s the Magnet Always-On promise.

Key Benefits

  • You keep trading and operating.
    If it’s imperative your business stays connected, you can rely on Magnet Always-On to keep your essential services operating.
  • Automatic optional monitoring.
    Any failure of your primary broadband link is immediately detected, day or night, and triggers your Magnet Always-On connection.
  • Minimal extra equipment.
    Very little extra equipment is needed to back-up your primary broadband link. A change of router is all that is required to set up Magnet+ Always On.
  • Your back-up connection stays fully separate.
    As a wireless 4G link, your Magnet Always-On connection is immune to problems such fibre / telephone line break.
  • Affordable reassurance.
    The peace of mind that comes as standard with Magnet Always-On starts at just €25 per month.
  • Voice backup.
    With Magnet Always-On, your voice services will also continue to operate when your internet fails over.

Please Note

  1. To avail of Magnet Always-On, your primary broadband connection must also be suppliedby Magnet +.
  2. As Magnet Always-On operates wirelessly via 4G, your location must be served by a 4G connection rated as ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’ by Ireland’s Commission for Communication Regulation. You can check the quality of your coverage here.
  3. Magnet Always-On requires a constant electrical power supply and cannot operate if there is a power outage. 

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