Advanced Firewall Monitoring

The battle against cyber threats is endless. On the frontline, network firewalls are the barricades that take all the initial hits. They generate a never-ending stream of alerts – but translating these into meaningful insights is a time-and-resource-hungry task…

Magnet+ Advanced Firewall Monitoring makes sense of the endless data generated by firewalls. How? By combining advanced, purpose-built technology with deep human expertise and realtime monitoring.

What is firewall monitoring?

Virtual Data Collection Agents gather information across all your locations. In the Cloud, this is filtered against pre-determined rules before being transmitted to our Security Operations Centre. There it undergoes final analysis before being collated into an easily understandable management network monitoring report.

The result? You get real-time insights into what your network firewalls have deflected, how threats are evolving and where your cyber security resources should be focused.

Why Advanced Firewall Monitoring? Here’s why…

  • All Firewalls. All Locations.
    Magnet+ Advanced Firewall Monitoring covers all network firewalls used within your organisation, regardless of supplier.
  • Single Pane of Glass.
    Management reports are delivered via a single screen, making them easily understood by technical and non-technical staff alike.
  • Constant Vigilance. Constant Peace of Mind.
    Monitoring takes place 24/7/365. Threats don’t take holidays and neither does Magnet+ Advanced Firewall Monitoring.

  • High Volumes.
    Firewalls can generate thousands of alerts a day. Advanced Firewall Monitoring manages and makes sense of any amount of data.
  • Always-Available Human Support.
    Automated technology does the heavy lifting – but expert human analysts make the final call on any highlighted issues.

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