How do I register for Remote Recording of TV shows?

Magnet+ Guide

With the myMagnet+ service, you can set schedule recordings on your Magnet+ box from anywhere with internet access, be it a mobile phone or a computer. Now there’s nothing stopping you catching up on your favourite programs, not even the traffic!

Getting Started

To get started, you will need your phone number and pin number to hand. You would have received these in an activation SMS and email from us. If you have not received either an SMS or email, a quick call to our customer services team on 1890 809 000 will have you ready to get started in no time.

The account activation SMS or email contains a webpage address, // This is the homepage of the myMagnet+ service. We suggest saving it to your bookmarks on your phone / pc. To begin, simply navigate to this page by clicking it on your phone / pc.

The myMagnet+ homepage will appear prompting you to enter your phone number and pin number. Simply enter your phone number and PIN number and select what type of login you would like, Mobile Login if you are viewing the page on a Mobile Phone, or Login if you are viewing from a PC.

To learn about all Magnet+ features down load the following user guide : MyMagnet+ User Guide