Yes. All our hosting accounts allow you to have multiple domains and sites.
Yes. All our hosting plans offer support for PHP and Perl. NB: If a script is insecure or causes problems for other users we reserve the right to disable and/or remove it without notice
If you have set your Application vault install with a URL path of /wordpress for example you with would be live at If you wish your site to be live at you will need to change the URL path. You can do this in your control panel under: Linux hosting: Websites >> Domain name >> Web Applications >> Click on the WordPress application  you wish to change the URL path on >> Click on the Change URL Path >> URL Path remove /wordpress >> Submit The same would apply for Joomla and any other application that the URL path needs to be changed on the Application vault install.
For Linux based hosting, there are 3 different ways in which you can perform website backups. 1. In // you can setup a cron job to run scheduled weekly backups, please see FAQ below scheduled backup on shared hosting 2. In // go to More Services > Backups > Add New Backup 3. Lastly, (advanced users only) you can manually setup an FTP Connection to your website and download an entire copy of your website files. You will also need to login to your database and export a .sql copy of your database. - Help on FTP see FAQ below preparing your shared hosting and FTP - Help on Database Backups see FAQ below how can I backup a MySQL database
If you are moving your domain from another Irish hosting company you can see the movement of your domain by going to this DNS Checker
The domain will be automatically added to our nameservers when you add it in the control panel under: Home >> Hosted Domains >> Add registered domain
the subdomain will automatically be set up in our new nameservers when you set it up in the control panel.
A CNAME record is pretty much the same as an A record however instead of pointing a hostname to an IP Address it points to a hostname.  For example: - pointing to To set up a CNAME select the CNAME option from the drop down menu when creating a new DNS record. Put the first part of the hostname excluding the part into the first field.  Put the hostnamevalue in to the Canonical Name field and ensure to put a . at the end of the hostname here, then submitfinish.
This is done by logging in to and going to: Account (or Home) >> Registered Domains >> domain name >> Manage Nameservers Please note: This is *NOT* done under: Hosted Domains, Websites, or Manage DNS. In the above you can only set the domain to use "External Nameservers" to remove the domain from our nameservers. You can not specify what nameservers you want the domain to use here. If this is a domain transfer please ensure you press the "Manage Nameservers" to ensure you are viewing the current nameservers as the system can be slow to refresh
If you need to prove to google that you own a domain then you can do this by creating a TXT record within >> Log ito your control panel ( >> Click on Home at the top of the screen >> Now click on Hosted Domains >> Now click on the domain name in question. (make sure that Zone Management Ability is enabled) >> Now click on the DNS tab >> Now click on DNS records. >> Now click Add New DNS Record >> Ok the record you are adding is a TXT record so you will need to choose TXT from the dropdown list. >> Now leave the domain field blank >> IN the data field input the google site verification code that google gave you (it should look something like: google-site-verification=yw_f1Kvp99OskdVWMkAKRde__upJIdR9t79Eue_w9Zg) Please note that DNS changes can take upto an hour to take effect.
Yes. We have clients from the four corners of the globe. Please bear in mind, however, that our anti-fraud measures are quite strict, so you may need to provide extra paperwork when placing your first order.  You may be asked to supply proof of the selected method of payment along with proof of the account holder's address or an internationally recognised form of photographic ID.  If this happens an email outlining exactly what is required will be sent to you shortly after your order is placed. This verification will only be required for your first order with us and subsequent orders will be processed by us without the need for the same documentation again. Verification of this information is handled by our team during Irish business hours so your first order may be delayed by up to 72 hours. Please be assured that any documentation received is destroyed once the order has been approved.
We recommend that you read up on mailing list management. Although you may have a legitimate mailing list it can be all too easy for you to be accused of spamming if you do not follow certain basic guidelines. Have a look at //
1. Open your email client. 2. Enter your full email address and password. 3. Then Press "Manual Setup"  4. For the Account type, we recommend IMAP. 5. For the Incoming settings, we recommend using "" for the incoming IMAP server. You will also want to leave the Security Type as None. Username = Your Full Email Address 6. For the Outgoing SMTP settings, we also recommend using "". You will also want to leave the Security Type as None. Port 25 or 587. Username = Your Full Email Address 7. Configure your Account options as desired on the subsequent screens and you're done! If not, you would need to update the password by logging into your Blacknight Control Panel - //  Goto EMAIL > Select the Display Name > Change Password
To create a new, or additional email to your domain on our based hosting plans please follow these simple steps. 1) Login to the control panel at: 2) From here, select the appropriate subscription you want to access in the drop down menu 3) Ensure the domain in question has email hosting assigned to it under Websites > domainname 4) Click Email 5) From here select Add new email address. This will also give you information about your pop3, smtp or imap servers above once complete helping you to
If you have a domain and wish to forward it to another URL then you have two options: 1) Standard Forwarding 2) Frame Forwarding Frame forwarding will forward the user to the site you desire, but the original URL will remain in the address bar Example: you have decided to frame forward to Any user who visits will see the website but will remain as the URL in the address bar Standard forwarding will forward the user to the site you desire, and the URL will also change. Example: you have decided to standard forward to Any user who visits will see the website and the URL in the address bar will change from to To set up forwarding just follow these steps: *Please note that changing hosting on a domain will remove any application vault installations that may be on that domain, and it will not be recoverable, so a backup may need to taken if needed* Log into Click on Home at the top of the screen Now click on Hosted Domains Now click on the domain in question Now click on the Web tab Now click Change Hosting In the dropdown menu for Hosting please choose Standard Forwarding or Frame Forwarding, then click Next Now in the Forwarding URL box please type the address of the site you wish to forward to Now click Next until you finish Please note that forwarding may take upto an hour to take effect.
In this can be done through PHPmyadmin, the database manager. Once you have logged in here click on your database name in the top left hand corner. When you have done this you should see your database tables in the main window. Next click on the "Export" option at the top of the page. This will then open up a window with some options to select. Ensure that all of the tables are selected in the "Export" box. Then select the "Save as file" option at the bottom of this page and click "Go" to the right of this to backup your database. Note: This will only reliably backup a database up to about 10-15MB in size. For any database larger than that you will need to export the database via a cron job.

If you have a particular area of your website that yuo only wish for certain people to view via the use of a username and password, then you can setup a Password Protected Directory:

>> Log into >> Now click Websites at the top of the screen >> Now click on the domain >> Now click More Tools >> Now click on Protected Directories >> Now click Add New Protected Directory >> In the Directory Name field input the path to the folder to which yuo wish to protect >> Now in the Directory header field just input whatever you want to call this particular password protected instnace >> Now click Submit >> Now click on the name of the protected directory >> Now click the Users tab >> Click Add New User >> Input the login details and then click Submit

We are a hosting company. I'm afraid we do not offer search engine optimisation (seo) or marketing services. Good places to start for anything related to getting your site on to search engines and in particular Google are: // & //

To set up email aliases you would login to your control panel and then navigate to the email account in question (typically you would go to: "Email >>click on the display name of the email address). Once you have selected the email address by clicking on the display name you will be able to navigate to the "Email addresses" tab. In this there is an option to add in extra email addresses to the email account, called "Add".  This means that any emails sent to this alias address will be delivered to the mailbox of the main email account. You cannot send emails from the main account and have them appear as if they came from one of the alias addresses. To do this you would need to setup the alias email address as a separate email account.

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