5 Benefits of a Hosted PBX you can’t Ignore

Many businesses would agree that a functioning and reliable phone service is the lifeblood of their business as it ensures they can reach out to current and potential customers and can be contacted when needed. A phone service is the best way beyond a face to face meeting to engage at a personal level and portray your company’s personality to a potential or current client. After all, as we all know, it’s good to talk! So, what are the Benefits of a Hosted PBX?

1. Hosted PBX’s Enable Business Continuity

A hosted PBX can offer peace of mind in the event of a disaster recovery incident or if you suffer the unfortunate occurrence of a power outage, a fire or a completely un-anticipated event.

A hosted PBX ensures the continuity of your business and guarantees your phone system remains fully operational, unlike a traditional phone system which is dependent on a functional phone line.

Your ability to reach out to customers is dependent on the where your system will be hosted. For example, at Magnet, we host our voice solution in AWS (Amazon Web Services), the premier hosting server in the world with a business class data centre. This is not the case with every provider and it is always advisable to ask your provider where your PBX is hosted before selecting a hosted PBX provider.

The productivity benefit is very real in that your staff can take or make calls on your phone system when they’re at home, in the car, anywhere, even where access to your premises is not possible.

2. Manage and Control your Phone System Easily

A hosted PBX is empowering and provides management with a high level of control which can be exercised onsite as well as remotely. Historically, changes to the PBX were made on location by a technician or a suitably qualified person.

A hosted PBX system removes this issue by allowing you to become an administrator of your phone service. Changes to the system can be made on a web-based portal via an internet connection.

With Magnet’s easy to navigate control panel, you can change a number of things, including:

  • How and where your calls are routed.
  • Where your voicemails are sent to.
  • How your users are managed.

The efficiency gain in allowing you to change your PBX system online cannot be underestimated.

Additionally, if you have multiple offices within your business, having one hosted PBX system allows you to control and manage the calls for all of your sites.

Businesses who have upgraded to Magnet’s Hosted PBX system have been known to make savings of up to €4,000 by simply being able to manage their whole communications systems online.

3. A Hosted PBX Gives Mobility

A Hosted PBX gives you more options for your phone system; you can now start to consider whether you want your staff to have a desk phone, a soft phone on their laptop/PC or even a smartphone app on their phone.

  • Soft Phone: This is software that allows you to have your desk phone on your PC and can be used in the exact same way but with the use of a headset and a microphone.
  • Magnet Smartphone App: This app will allow you to have all the functions of your desk phone on your mobile. By downloading the app, your direct dial travels with you from the office to your home, even across the globe allowing you to avoid the high costs of international calls.
  • Voicemail to Email: With a Hosted PBX, if someone leaves you a voicemail, a WAV file containing the recording including time and date of the voicemail is sent to your email allowing you to listen to the voicemail whenever and wherever you are.

4. Scalability Guaranteed with a Hosted PBX

Nobody can predict the future but a hosted PBX can help you prepare for it!

A hosted PBX can grow with your business without the need for large capital expenditure. You can add users and new features, set up new call groups or add new offices as necessary during busy periods. You can also scale down during slower periods. Crucially, you only ever pay for what you need.

A hosted PBX also gives your business the ability to grow and keep pace with new technologies as it automatically updates with new features free of any upgrade charges. A hosted PBX is suitable for all business types, from an small office to a call centre.

5. Financial Savings with a Hosted PBX

While a hosted PBX offers a range of business benefits, the most tangible and immediate dividend is the cost saving. Costs such as line-rental charges, maintenance charges, capex and disaster recovery fees are no more. With a hosted PBX, businesses can get rid of large physical infrastructure thereby freeing up office space.

To understand how other companies are enjoying the benefits of a hosted PBX, have a read of our Case Studies.

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