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SD WAN: What is SD-WAN and how can it help your business?

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is a transformational software-defined application to centralise and simplify network management. A wide area network (WAN) is a large computer network that connects groups of computers over large distances. WANs are often used by large businesses. SD-WAN is significantly faster and a lot more cost effective than a typical WAN solution.

With SD WAN, it’s not about the technology, it’s about how your business can transform to an agile and cost-efficient networking solution.

Capable of connecting enterprise networks over large geographic distances, SD-WAN solutions support a range of connectivity types, including MPLS, High Speed Internet and Direct Internet Access.

Benefits of SD-WAN

There are many SD WAN benefits including:

  • Increased bandwidth at a lower cost.
  • Greater choice: As the WAN is managed via software, it can avail of any connectivity type, including MPLS, High Speed Internet and Direct Internet Access. This means lower WAN related expenditure, both capital and operational.
  • Robust edge-to-edge security: SD-WAN handles security features at a centralised software level as opposed to managing multiple applications on multiple devices at multiple locations.
  • Increased application performance across your network: SD-WAN enables intelligent traffic routing which manages traffic based on application. This feature allows for the prioritisation of mission critical traffic and assures business intent with advanced application visibility and control.
  • Simplified operations. Automation and cloud-based management of networks allows for a simpler operational model, as well as greater business agility and responsiveness.
  • Visibility & Control – Single portal with greater visibility and control of company infrastructure.
  • Resilience – An SD-WAN quickly identifies any issues and re-routes all traffic instantly if a connection goes down. SD-WAN provides application-aware routing which will dynamically route traffic between dedicated backup circuits and secure Internet connections, to drive constant delivery of business-critical applications.  Conversely, once the issue has been fixed, traffic is directed back to the primary link.

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