I have slow speeds over a WIFI connection

Connecting to your Internet connection over WIFI is very convenient. You don’t need cables and you can move around the house. However what we sometimes forget is that WIFI is a radio signal that suffers from interference from buildings, other radios in some cases and if you allow others to connect to it then it’s a shared connection.

However if you are concerned about the speed of your WIFI connection then the first step is to check whether it is your WIFI connection that is slow or your Broadband/Internet Service. Follow the steps below to test and compare the speed of both connections:

  1. Using your computer connecting over WIFI visit speedtest.magnet.ie and Run Speed Test
  2. Record the results on a piece of paper – upload and download speed.
  3. Connect your lap-top directly to your modem with a cat5 cable and disable wifi access on your laptop
  4. Visit speedtest.magnet.ie again and retest your speed
  5. Record the results along side the results for your laptop over wifi.

Compare the results as follows:

  • If your internet connection is far faster when directly connected to the Modem, it is likely that your WIFI connection is slow. You could try testing from a different location in your house to see if the signal strength of the wifi was the issue – or check if anyone else is using the connection. For other suggestions on how to maximise your wifi connections click here
  • If your speed is slow on both Test results then it is worth checking your Broadband Service by visiting the following help page.