Want to test your current broadband speed? Try the Magnet Plus free broadband speed test.

To test the speed of your connection please click here.

Fatpipe Fibre Installation

  • Depending on your address we may need a Magnet+ engineer to go to site and set up your address to avail of our services. Our sales team will advise you if a Magnet+ engineer install is required. 
  • Our sales team will place the order, if an appointment is required a member of our Service Delivery team will be in touch to confirm a suitable date and time for the installation. Our Magnet+ engineer will bring the new router to site and he will install it on the day. While on site the engineer will show the speeds achieved after installation. Please note a missed appointment fee will apply in the event the installation does not take place. 
  • In some cases an engineer install will not be required, in these situations we will post a router out to your address via An Post. The tracking reference number for the package will be sent to you via email in the event you need to make changes. If you have any questions regarding your order you can reach the team via phone on 1800 819 999 or via our live chat on www.magnetplus.ie

“Installation Fee” means the fee you may be charged for the installation of the service.

“Missed Appointment Fee” means the fee you may be charged for the failure to allow an engineer to install the service on the scheduled date.

  • You will be liable to pay a cancellation/penalty charge of €45.00 to Magnet in each of the following cases;
    • If you have not provided the necessary cancellation notice period in respect of the scheduled installation;
    • If an engineer cannot gain access to your premises due to a 3rd party access issue, for example within an apartment block;
    • If you do not facilitate the engineer with access to your property on the agreed appointment date;
    • If you are not present at the premises when the engineer arrives to install the service on the scheduled date;

The WEEE Directive 2005 is EU legislation introduced with the aim of reducing quantities of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) disposed to landfill by increasing re-use and recycling. This in turn reduces the harmful effects caused by WEEE to our health and the environment.

You will notice the crossed-out wheelie bin symbol on the electrical equipment we provide to you. This indicates that these items should not be disposed of with general household waste but collected separately for reuse or recycling.

Magnet Networks Ltd is registered as a Producer of EEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and is a member of the WEEE Ireland compliance scheme helping to meet our Producer responsibility compliance requirements under the WEEE & Waste Battery legislation in Ireland. (Reg No: 01674WB)

How do I Recycle?

  • Any equipment you are no longer using should be returned to our Head Office for re-use or recycling.
  • Please notify us that you have equipment to collect and a pre-paid An Post label will be sent to your service address.
  • Please package items carefully in order to avoid damage in transit.
  • When returned, if the equipment is found to be in working order, it will re-used.
  • In the event it is no longer working, it will be sent for recycling.
  • There is no charge for this service.
  • Alternatively, you can drop-off your unwanted equipment at our Head Office address below.
  • Ensure it is clearly marked for the attention of “Magnet+ Stores.”

Magnet Plus, IDA Business & Technology Park, Clonshaugh, Dublin 17, D17 AK77.

Click on the link below to find out more information on WEEE recycling and where to recycle.


“Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and waste batteries must never be placed in your waste disposal or recycling bins. WEEE is taken back free of charge at electrical retail outlets on a one-for- one like-for like basis. There is a bin for small batteries in your local store. Local authority civic amenity facilities also take back WEEE and waste batteries free of charge. WEEE and waste battery recycling is free”

Is your broadband not working? Reboot the modem by turning it off for 30 seconds and then turn it back on. 

For more info on other support issues, click here.

Is your broadband still not working? Contact our technical support team, chat to us on the website.
Call: 1800 819 999
Email: support@magnetplus.ie

Magnet Plus has a fair usage policy. The Fair Usage Policy sets out how the Services may be used and any restrictions on your use of the Services. Many of the guidelines will be obvious, however, we set them out so that there can be no confusion or doubt over what is or is not acceptable. Click here to view the Fair Acceptable Usage Policy

Calls are rated per minute and rate stated is in Euro. 

Call connection fee applies to all new customers and existing customers where applicable.

Call connection fee subject to change

Band 1 Rate
Austria Mobile 0.55
Belgium Mobile 0.55
Bulgaria Mobile 0.55
Croatia Mobile 0.55
Cyprus Mobile 0.55
Czech Republic Mobile 0.55
Denmark Mobile 0.55
Estonia Mobile 0.55
Finland Mobile 0.55
France Mobile 0.55
Georgia Mobile 0.55
Germany Mobile 0.55
Greece Mobile 0.55
Hungary Mobile 0.55
Italy Mobile 0.55
Latvia Mobile 0.55
Lithuania Mobile 0.55
Luxembourg Mobile 0.55
Malta Mobile 0.55
Netherlands Mobile 0.55
Poland Mobile 0.55
Portugal Mobile 0.55
Romania Mobile 0.55
Slovakia Mobile 0.55
Slovenia Mobile 0.55
Spain Mobile 0.55
Sweden Mobile 0.55
Turkey Mobile 0.55
Band 2 Rate
Austria Fixed0.25
Belgium Fixed0.55
Bulgaria Fixed0.55
Croatia Fixed0.55
Cyprus Fixed0.55
Czech Republic Fixed0.55
Denmark Fixed0.55
Estonia Fixed0.55
Finland Fixed0.55
France Fixed0.55
Georgia Fixed0.55
Germany Fixed0.55
Greece Fixed0.55
Hungary Fixed0.55
Italy Fixed0.55
Latvia Fixed0.55
Lithuania Fixed0.55
Luxembourg Fixed0.55
Malta Fixed0.55
Netherlands Fixed0.55
Poland Fixed0.55
Portugal Fixed0.55
Romania Fixed0.55
Slovakia Fixed0.55
Slovenia Fixed0.55
Spain Fixed0.55
Sweden Fixed0.55
Turkey Fixed0.55
Band 3 Rate
Albania Mobile0.60
Andorra Mobile0.60
Armenia Mobile0.60
Azerbaijan Mobile0.60
Belarus Mobile0.60
Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile0.60
Georgia Mobile0.60
Iceland Mobile0.60
Liechtenstein Mobile0.60
Moldova Mobile0.60
Monaco Mobile0.60
Mongolia Mobile0.60
North Macedonia Mobile0.60
Norway Mobile0.60
Russia Mobile0.60
San Marino Mobile0.60
Serbia Mobile0.60
Switzerland Mobile0.60
Ukraine Mobile0.60
Band 4 Rate
Albania Fixed0.60
Andorra Fixed0.60
Armenia Fixed0.60
Azerbaijan Fixed0.60
Belarus Fixed0.60
Bosnia and Herzegovina Fixed0.60
Georgia Fixed0.60
Iceland Fixed0.60
Liechtenstein Fixed0.60
Moldova Fixed0.60
Monaco Fixed0.60
Mongolia Fixed0.60
North Macedonia Fixed0.60
Norway Fixed0.60
Russia Fixed0.60
San Marino Fixed0.60
Serbia Fixed0.60
Switzerland Fixed0.60
Ukraine Fixed0.60
Band 5 Rate
Falkland Islands1.00
American Samoa1.00
Antigua and Barbuda1.00
Burkina Faso1.00
Cape Verde1.00
Cayman Islands1.00
Central African Republic1.00
Christmas Islands1.00
Cook Islands1.00
Costa Rica1.00
Côte d’Ivoire1.00
Democratic Republic of the Congo1.00
Diego Garcia1.00
Dominican Republic1.00
El Salvador1.00
Equatorial Guinea1.00
Falkland Islands1.00
Faroe Islands1.00
French Guyana1.00
French Polynesia1.00
Hong Kong1.00
Ireland Freephone1.00
Ivory Coast1.00
Marshall Islands1.00
Myanmar (formerly Burma)1.00
New Caledonia1.00
New Zealand1.00
Norfolk Island1.00
North Korea1.00
Norway Fixed1.00
Old Ireland Fixed Rate1.00
Papua New Guinea1.00
Reunion Island1.00
Saint Helena1.00
Saint Kitts and Nevis1.00
Saint Lucia1.00
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines1.00
Sao Tome and Principe1.00
Saudi Arabia1.00
Sierra Leone1.00
Solomon Islands1.00
South Sudan1.00
Sri Lanka1.00
St Martin1.00
Trinidad and Tobago1.00
United Arab Emirates1.00
Virgin Islands (British)1.00
Wallis and Futuna Islands1.00
Western Sahara1.00
Premium and Special Numbers:
Description Price
Satellite 10.00
Int'l Networks13.75
Iridium 88177.70
United Nations11.00
Nat'l Dir Enq. 118110.87
Int'l Dir Enq. 118180.46
Int'l Dir Enq. 118220.52
Nat'l Dir Enq. 118500.64
Int'l Dir Enq. 118600.52
11890 Directory Enquiries0.37
Premium 15120.21
Premium 15130.50
Premium 15140.62
Premium 15150.83
Premium 15161.24
Premium 15171.65
Premium 15182.48
Premium 15200.24
Premium 15300.41
Premium 15400.65
Premium 15500.99
Premium 15590.64
Premium 15601.48
Premium 15701.98
Premium 15802.43
Premium 15902.89
Pager service0.05
Premium 118270.55
Premium 18921501504.86
Premium 1182410.54
Premium 118880.34
Premium 19010.34
Premium 118910.56
Premium 11910.16
(Applicable from 1st January 2023)

A call connection fee is charged on all calls unless otherwise stated

Call rates apply on a per minute basis and are in Euro

Call Type Rate
Minimum call connection fee5 0.035
Ireland Mobile 0.22
Ireland Fixed 0.045
UK Mobile 0.25
UK Fixed 0.10
USA & Canada 0.10
Band 1 0.55
Band 2 0.25
Band 3 0.60
Band 4 0.60
Band 5 1.00
  1. The rate per call will be in addition to the call connection fee, where applicable. 
  2. Charges will be rounded up to the next whole minute.
  3. The rate per minute will be rounded up to the next cent using standard rounding to two decimal places.
  4. The rates for each international band are set out below.
  5. Premium Numbers, Satellite and Directory Enquiry rates will remain in line with current rates but rates are subject to quarterly review and may change from time to time. When this happens we will notify you in advance via our website and prior bills before the changes are made.
  6. Call connection fees will apply to all new customers and only existing where already applicable.
1. When logged into the Portal click Manage My Account 2. Select Update My Details 3. At the end of the screen, you can tick on or off the paperless invoice option. 4. If you remove your account from paperless invoices, a Paper Bill Charge will be applied to your account.
1. When logged into the Portal click Manage My Account 2. Select Update My Details 3. Enter new details as required
1. When logged into the Portal click Manage My Account 2. Select Change My Password 3. Enter new details as required
1. When logged into the Portal, click the My Invoices tab To view your invoices online, simply select the invoice you would like to view and the relevant invoice will be displayed on screen. This is located under the column: Invoice Number. Invoices displayed from your My Invoices section contain a full breakdown of your call summary and call detail sections 2. To download a PDF, simply select the invoice number from the Download PDF column and the invoice will download to your device in PDF format.
1. Click on my Invoices Tab. 2. Click on an invoice number on the left. 3. Scroll to the bottom of the page that comes up and click on "Download Call Details"
1. When logged into the Portal click on the My Statements tab
1. All Residential accounts are set up on a Debit or Credit Card payment type. 2. You can pay your bill via your online MyMagnet portal, via the IVR, via one line text message payment links or via speaking to an agent. If you pay via IVR or your MyMagnet Account and your account is currently suspended, your account will be resumed within the hour. Payments via other methods can take up to 24 hours to process during the working week. No resumptions for any other payment methods at the weekend. 3. To pay Via MyMagnet just click on "Pay balance" "Pay Current" or "Pay Overdue" when logged into your MyMagnet portal, the option is on the main screen. This will bring you to a credit card payment screen where you can process the payment. 4. If there is no outstanding balance on your account, you will not be able to click on any of the above options.
1. If your services are suspended, they will be resumed within the hour once the payment is made via your online MyMagnet portal 2. Broadband will be restored first. 3. Voice and calls will be restored during the day. 4. This resumption service operates 24 x 7, 365 days a year.
1. When logged into the Portal click the Manage My Account 2. Select I’m moving home or Cancel my services 3. This will send an email to the relevant department with your account details and the relevant department will contact you directly.
1. If a payment method fails Magnet Networks will levy an Admin fee, which covers processing costs associated with the failed payment. 2. To avoid the Admin Fee please ensure your up to date bank details are entered on the Update my Bank details section
1. Our bill runs are processed on the 1st of the month 2. At this point, you will be billed for your services from the 1st until the end of the month. 3. Calls are billed on the 1st of a month for the month before. 4. If your services were activated after our bill run, these will be billed from the date services go live and will appear on your next bill on a pro rata basis.
  1. 1. Click the Help tab
  2. Click Contact Support or Contact Billing Team
  3. An email will be sent to the relevant team with your account details already populated
  4. A customer support or billing query ticket reference number will be automatically sent to you for your records.
1. Click Forgot Username 2. Please enter your account number and email address, then press Submit Query If you have forgotten your username, don't worry, simply enter your customer number and email address below. We will send you an automatic email that will include your username. 3. Click Forgot Password If you have forgotten your password, don't worry, simply enter your username and email address below. We will send you an automatic email that will include a link that will require you to change your password.
Voice termination rates for Geo, 076 and 0818 calls are changing. The table below lists the updated Magnet Networks voice termination rates. Should you have any questions on these rates please contact your dedicated account manager or live chat with us now.
Call Type Rate Per Minute Effective from
Geo €0.00051 1 Jan 2021
076 €0.00051 1 Jan 2021
0818 €0.00051 4 Jan 2021
If you are a user of the Magnet Hosted PBX service you can view your calls online via your online portal. You can log on to this portal here If you would like to see your bills online, register for our Billing Portal here For all other billing queries please call our Support line and select the Billing option via 1800 789 789
In order to access the online Billing Portal, you must first register for your MyMagnet account. To register: 1. Go to mymagnet.magnetplus.ie in your internet browser OR 2. Click MyMagnet on the top right hand side of www.magnetplus.ie 3. To register click Signup for an online account here 4. On the next screen enter the required details 5. Please ensure to complete all fields, as they are required.
  1. Choose the Username and Password to be used to login, Magnet Networks do not provide your username or password.
  2. The Last 6 Months Invoice can be any invoice from within the last 6 months, however, the required information must come from the same invoice.
  3. If you have multiple accounts you would like to register for MyMagnet, each account will require a unique email address to register with. I.E. The same email address cannot be used to login to multiple accounts.
6. In order to complete the process, please ensure you read and accept the Terms and Conditions. 7. To verify your email, MyMagnet will send an email to your nominated email address. This email will contain a verification link that, once clicked, completes the activation of your online account. Please ensure sure to check your email inbox and spam or junk email folders for the verification email as you will not be able to login to your MyMagnet portal without your email address being verified. 8. Once registered for MyMagnet and your email address verified, you will have full access to your online account within one hour. During this timeframe, your account information and previous bills will be uploaded to your MyMagnet Portal.
  1. When logged into the Portal click Manage My Account
  2. Select Update my details
  3. Amend the email address in your current MyMagnet account to a different email address.
  4. You will also need to re-verify the new email address on the relevant account via an email verification link that will be sent to the relevant email address.
  5. Once completed, register your new MyMagnet account with your preferred email address. For more information see: Registering your Account Online with MyMagnet
  6. If you have any issues please contact us via live chat, call or email and we’ll be happy to assist with any queries you may have.
  • Your username must be at least 6 characters, using letters or numbers but no spaces.
  • Your mobile number must be 10 digits long, including the area code or mobile prefix.
  • Your Magnet Networks account number appears on your invoice
  • Please ensure the email address used was not previously registered on another MyMagnet account. If so, please contact the Billing & Collections Team to deactivate your former account. When deactivated, you can then register online for your new MyMagnet account.
  • Check that you have filled in all mandatory fields.
  • Please note you cannot progress without ticking the box to confirm you accept the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs).
  • If you are using the temporary details received within your welcome email, these can expire within 10 days, or once your first invoice has generated.
  • If you have multiple accounts you would like to register for MyMagnet, each account will require a unique email address to register with. I.E. The same email address cannot be used to login to multiple accounts.
  • If you complete your registration and find that you have entered an incorrect email for registration, please contact the Billing and Collections team to update your details, this will ensure your email confirmation can be completed.
  • 1. To register click Signup for an online account here Go to mymagnet.magnet.ie in your internet browser OR Click My Magnet on top right hand side of website www.magnetnetworks.com 2. Enter the username and password details entered when registering
    1. When logged into the Portal click Manage My Account
    2. Select Update my details
    3. Enter new details as required
    4. You can modify your username, email and mobile details on this screen
      1. When logged into the Portal click Manage My Account
    1. Select Update my bank details
    2. Note this will only work if you have a valid debit or credit card registered already.
    3. To add a card please start a live chat with our Billing and Collections team on magnetplus.ie and a member of the team will call you back.
    4. For your online safety and security, please do not enter bank details or card details via email or live chat.
    We give you the option to keep your existing router as part of the Simply Broadband product, so we have ensured that configuring your own router is easy!  Please follow the simple steps outlined in this document  Simply BB Customer Router Setup On the rare occasion that your router is not compatible, it may be an older type of router for example; you can purchase one of our routers.  Just call our sales team and let them know that you would like one of our routers and they will do the rest.
    To help us solve your particular issue please tell us more about your problem. I get "limited or no connectivity" message - Click Here I have slow speeds over wi-fi connection - Click Here
    Depending on the product ordered and the delivery method will depend on the length of time for your services to be live.  Delivery times range from 5 working days to 20 working days depending on whether we need to install a new line, which involves building a cable path from our equipment in your local exchange to you home or if you have an existing line or if there was a line previously. You will receive a text message within a day or two of placing your order with an installation appointment. From time to time a text message with the appointment fails to be delivered for reasons out of our control, if you do not receive the text message with the installation appointment within a week of placing your order the please call us.
    Broadband / Phone connection cables. As part of the welcome pack with your modem/router, you will receive connection cables.  Over the course of time these cables can become damaged and cause issues with your connection.  Whilst we supply the initial connection cables, we do not provide follow up replacement cables as we do not hold a stock of these items.  These cables are in-expensive items and can be purchased from your local PC store. SCART leads If you have a faulty TV SCART lead you will need to replace this. If you have an Amino Set Top Box or a  Motorola Set Top Box and your scart gets damaged we will replace this for you as it is specific to the Amino STB Internal Wiring Some issues can be as a result of faulty or damaged internal wiring in your home.  If you have an issue with your internal wiring or need additional connection points you will need to arrange to have this looked at independently.
    If your phone and broadband services are not working it is usually 1 of 3 things..... 1) Your modem/router is not connected, has lost connectivity or is faulty.  2) There is an issue with cables or the internal wiring. 3) There is a fault on the line coming from the exchange to your premises.    The first thing to do is to check all the cables going to the modem are secure.  To check that your modem/outer is connected and functioning as it should please check the set up. Checking if your Telsey Modem is on line                 Checking if your Zyxel Modem is on line If you have tried all of the above and the issue is still present please call us on 1890 809 000 and we will check the line for you.  If the line is faultly a fault will be raised with eircom to restore service.
    The first thing to do if you loose your TV service is to check if your phone and broadband are working.  If you have lost these services also please check the following:- Click Here If it is only your TV services alot of the times it is a loose or faulty scart lead, or the Set Top Box needs to be re-booted 1 Please check all cables are secure 2. Check for any damage to scart pins or connections 3. Re-boot your Set Top Box by simply switching it on and off again 4. If you are a Fibre to the Home customer please also re-boot the CPS - Click Here  
    From time to time your broadband services can stop working or can be intermittent...... There are 4 main reasons for this...and all very easy for you to check and resolve quickly 1. Loose or faulty connections or cables.... have you checked all your cables and connections to your router? 2. The router from time to time needs to be re-booted as it has gone off line, or it may have gone faulty.....have you checked your router set-up? 3. The line into your premises is disconnected or has a break in it somewhere along the route to your house or apartment....if you live in an apartment have you checked with your property management company that there is no issue with cabling in your building? 4. Lastly...have you ever had connectivity?  Have you received confirmation by e-mail and SMS that your services are active? Checking if your Zyxel Modem is on line       Checking if your Telsey Modem is on line If you have re-connected all your cables re boooted your router and you are still having issues please tell us more about your problem as as we can direct you to the resolution.
    1. I have Slow Broadband or Internet Speed - Click Here
    2. I can’t access SOME websites - Click Here
    3. I can’t access ANY websites - Click Here
    4. I am getting a "limited or no connectivity" message - Visit our WiFi Help Page
    5. My Broadband is slow when connected directly to the modem - WiFi Help Page
    See below for full Zyxel andTelsey configuration guides to further assist. WiFi Help Page                Magnet Telsey Modem Guide Find out more about high-speed fibre broadband to your home from Magnet Plus.
    Before you trouble shoot it is worth remembering that the Internet is an unregulated collection of computers. Magnet provides the initial connection from your home to the Internet - but we have no control over what happens beyond our network. During times of significant internet usage, good (major broadcast events), and bad (large scale internet attacks), etc) the Internet itself may be slow. In some instances a specific site you are trying to visit may be having difficulties due to high visitor numbers. With some broadband providers there is the additional complication that you may be sharing your connection to the internet with other customers. That is not the case with Magnet. If you are still concerned about your broadband or internet connection speed please select one of the following to help us resolve your issue:
    • If you are on a lap-top or handheld connecting over WIFI click here
    • If you are connecting to the internet with a computer that is directly connected to the Modem click here
    Calls to low-call numbers are not included in any Local or National call packs and are therefore charged separately.

    Firstly check to see what kind of modem/router you have.  It may be a Telsey or a Zyxel, or are you are a Simply Broadband Customer and are using your own modem?

    Magnet Telsey Modem Guide

    ZYXEL install and wireless set up

    Simply BB Customer Router Setup

    There are 3 main reasons why all your services would cease to work.... 1) A power outage in your estate - this can be an issue that is resolved in conjunction with the property maintance company 2) A fibre break in your estate - on rare occasions if work is being carried out by a contractor they can in error damage the fibre cable.  This requires a site visit by our cabling contractor to restore 3) An issue with the CPS device in your home. This is the small white device labled packetfront contained in the Magnet Cabinet.  In a large number of cases this simply needs to be rebooted to restore services Power down the CPS device by switching it off and removing the power supply to it. Wait for 5 minutes and turn the CPS back on.  When you do a green LED will illuminate at the top of the CPS confirming it is receiving power. For Troubelshooting purposes and for a better understanding of how this device works -FTTH CPS Device - Troubleshooting  
    The International call pack includes Fixed Line calls to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK, US (includes US mobile).
    Please select the service that is not working:
    To help find out why your phone is not working please carry out the following simple steps; 1. Your Phone is powered on (seems obvious but sometimes kids unplug and switch things off!) 2. Your phone is directly connected to the modem or the correct socket.  Your phone should be connected to 'Phone 1' on a Telsey Modem 3. Some customers connect via wall sockets, and in this case you should try a different socket. If your phone is now working it is likely that you have a damaged socket. An electrician or building maintenance company will be able to assist you replace the socket. 4. Check that your broadband is also working. If there is a problem with your phone line or modem then it is likely that your broadband will not be working either. To trouble shoot your broadband please follow the steps shown on our Broadband Support page 5. If you are a Fibre to the Home customer have you checked your ATA is set up correctly?  Follow these simple steps to ensure it is connected correctly. Linksys ATA install 6. Your account is paid and up to date. If you have forgotten to pay your most recent bill on time, your services may have been suspended. Call our accounts team on 1890 809 009 if you need to clear your account. 7. If you have checked all of the steps above and your service is still not working, please call us on 1890 809 000 and Select "Technical Issue" to speak to one of our staff.
    1. If you find that you cannot connect to a specific website, please check that your internet connection is working by accessing these common sites: 2. If you can access these sites, then it is likely that the site which you cannot access is unavailable. This issue is generally outside our control and may be a result of that site being down for maintenance or other service issues. 3. If you cannot access the sample sites listed above, then there is an issue with your Broadband/Internet connection and you should follow the link below to find out how to resolve this issue. My Broadband/Internet Service is not working properly
    1. The first step is to check if your Modem or Router is online.
    2. There are a series of lights on the front of your Modem which will help us to find the problem. Depending on which service you have from Magnet you will have a light labeled "DSL" or "Link" depending on which modem/router you have.
    Which modem do I have?  Check below Checking if your Zyxel Modem is on line     Checking if your Telsey Modem is on line No Lights Visible
    • If there are no light visible on the front of the box, please check that the power cable is connected to the back of the Modem and that the power socket is ON.
    • Please check the socket is working – Try a lamp or other device.
    • If the Power cables are connected, the power socket is working and the Modem has no lights then it is likely that your modem needs to be replaced. Please call 1890 809 000 to allow us to investigate the issue.
    "DSL" or "Link" Light Flashing
    1. Power off and power on the box.
    2. If after 60 seconds from power-on, the "Link" or "DSL" light has stopped flashing then your Broadband should now be working.
    3. If after 60 seconds from power-on, the "Link" or "DSL" light is still flashing then please check that the small cable that runs from the modem to the phone socket is securely connected.
    4. If on reconnecting the phone cable, the "Link" or "DSL" light has stopped flashing then your Broadband should now be working.
    5. If on reconnecting the phone cable, the "Link" or "DSL" light is still flashing, there may be an issue with the line in or to your house, or your modem. Our staff can help determine what exactly is causing the issue. Please call 1890 809 000 to allow us to investigate further.
    "DSL" or "Link" Solid
    • If the "Link" or "DSL" light is solid (not flashing) please check your internet connection on your computer again by closing and restarting your internet browser.
    • If your internet browser connects to the internet then the issue has been resolved for now.
    • Devices do need to be powered off from time to time, however if you have the same problem within a few days and re-powering the Modem/Router again solves the problem, please call us as there may be a fault with the Modem and we would like to carry out some tests.
    • If after restarting your internet browser you still cannot connect to the internet then please check that the Modem is securely connected to your computer with a Cat5 cable. Also please check your Network Settings on your Computer. Please note that Magnet is not able to provide assistance with PC or Computer set-ups. There are how ever some. YouTube is a rich source of free online demonstrations for most Home PC issues, including for example:
    How to Find Your Network Settings on a Windows XP Computer  //www.youtube.com/watch?v=UihccfuMi9Y
    Connecting to your Internet connection over WIFI is very convenient. You don't need cables and you can move around the house. However what we sometimes forget is that WIFI is a radio signal that suffers from interference from buildings, other radios in some cases and if you allow others to connect to it then it's a shared connection. However if you are concerned about the speed of your WIFI connection then the first step is to check whether it is your WIFI connection that is slow or your Broadband/Internet Service. Follow the steps below to test and compare the speed of both connections:
    1. Using your computer connecting over WIFI visit speedtest.magnet.ie and Run Speed Test
    2. Record the results on a piece of paper – upload and download speed.
    3. Connect your lap-top directly to your modem with a cat5 cable and disable wifi access on your laptop
    4. Visit speedtest.magnet.ie again and retest your speed
    5. Record the results along side the results for your laptop over wifi.
    Compare the results as follows:
    • If your internet connection is far faster when directly connected to the Modem, it is likely that your WIFI connection is slow. You could try testing from a different location in your house to see if the signal strength of the wifi was the issue - or check if anyone else is using the connection. For other suggestions on how to maximise your wifi connections click here
    • If your speed is slow on both Test results then it is worth checking your Broadband Service by visiting the following help page.
    30% of our customers find that re-booting or restarting the modem resolves this issue. Modems from time to time need to be restarted to clear their processors and allow them to function at their design speeds. We suggest you carry out a speed test, restart your modem and then repeat the speed test. If there is no improvement in speed then we will recommend additional steps to trouble shoot. Speed Test 1
    1. If any of the following programmes or applications are running currently you should stop them while you are doing a speed test - Virus Scans, online back-ups or other routine tasks that may be running.
    2. If you are sharing your broadband with other computers or users in your home or office, you should also disconnect them during the speed test.
    3. Close any application that accesses the internet including company vpn’s or open browser, streaming services, internet radio or video, AerTV.ie
    4. Re-open your web browser (eg internet explorer, chrome, safari, firefox)
    5. Visit the following website speedtest.magnet.ie .
      1. Note: There are other speed test sites such as speedtest.net. These are accessed across the internet and are subject to factors beyond Magnet’s direct control. It is best to test on Magnet's network.
    6. Run the Speedtest
    7. Note down on a piece of paper the results of the speed test (upload and download speeds)
    Restart your Modem
    1. Unplug the modem from the power socket
    2. Leave it powered off for 30 seconds.
    3. Plug in the modem and check wait to see the "DSL" or "link" light turn solid.
    4. Check that your computer now has internet access.
    Speed Test 2
    1. If any of the following programmes or applications are running currently you should stop them while you are doing a speed test - Virus Scans, online back-ups or other routine tasks that may be running.
    2. If you are sharing your broadband with other computers or users in your home or office, you should also disconnect them during the speed test.
    3. Close any application that accesses the internet including company vpn’s or open browser, streaming services, internet radio or video, AerTV.ie
    4. Re-open your web browser (eg internet explorer, chrome, safari, firefox)
    5. Visit the following website speedtest.magnet.ie .
    6. Run the Speedtest
    7. Note down on a piece of paper the results of the speed test (upload and download speeds)
    Compare Results of Speed Test 1 and Speed Test 2
    1. If there is no improvement in Speed please contact our help desk on 1890 809 000. Note: Broadband speeds can vary due to line quality or other network related issues. Our technical team will be able to assist at this point.
    When attempting to set up or make network connections on a Windows computer, you may encounter a Limited Or No Connectivity error message similar to the following: Limited or no connectivity: The connection has limited or no connectivity. You might be unable to access the Internet or some network resources. This message can result from any of several different technical glitches or configuration problems. Follow these steps to resolve Limited Or No Connectivity errors in Windows.
      1. If your computer connects to the network directly via the Magnet router, resetting (powering off and on) the router may resolve the issue. If not using a broadband router, or if resetting your router only temporarily resolves the issue and the error message re-appears later, continue to the following steps.
      2. If directly connected to your network using an Ethernet cable, your cable may have failed. Temporarily replace your network cable with a new one to determine whether this resolves the issue.
      3. If connecting to your network using Wi-Fi it may be that you are too far from the Wi-Fi Access point or there is interference affecting the signal from the Wi-Fi access point. Try moving closer to the Wi-Fi access point to get a better signal.
      4. If connecting to your network using Wi-Fi and using wireless security, your WEP or other security key may not be set properly. Check the wireless security configuration on your computer's network adapter and update if it necessary. How do I get my Wi-Fi Password/WEP Key?
    Where to Find Your Wireless Password / WEP Key  Your Password/WEP Key for your Magnet router is MAGNET0 (MAGNET followed by a zero) PLUS the last 6 digits of your routers Serial Number. Your router's Serial Number is located on the underside of the router and is preceeded by the letters S/N Your Wireless Password / WEP Key or Network Key will look like the following sample - MAGNET0876765
    If you have not damaged your remote control then it is likely that you need to replace the batteries. To replace the batteries, please remove the old batteries from the rear of the Remote Control and replace all of the batteries with new batteries. See the full Motorola Remote control User Manual Replacement remotes can be purchased from Magnet by calling 1890 809 000 , Option 1
    If your wall socket is damaged or broken then it is likely that your services will not work. Your wall sockets are not Magnet's property and may have been installed during the construction of your property. Please contact either the building management company, your landlord or a qualified electrician.

    Magnet+ Guide

    With the myMagnet+ service, you can set schedule recordings on your Magnet+ box from anywhere with internet access, be it a mobile phone or a computer. Now there’s nothing stopping you catching up on your favourite programs, not even the traffic!

    Getting Started

    To get started, you will need your phone number and pin number to hand. You would have received these in an activation SMS and email from us. If you have not received either an SMS or email, a quick call to our customer services team on 1890 809 000 will have you ready to get started in no time. The account activation SMS or email contains a webpage address, //mymagnetplus.magnet.ie. This is the homepage of the myMagnet+ service. We suggest saving it to your bookmarks on your phone / pc. To begin, simply navigate to this page by clicking it on your phone / pc. The myMagnet+ homepage will appear prompting you to enter your phone number and pin number. Simply enter your phone number and PIN number and select what type of login you would like, Mobile Login if you are viewing the page on a Mobile Phone, or Login if you are viewing from a PC. To learn about all Magnet+ features down load the following user guide : MyMagnet+ User Guide  

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