Where do I find my FTP details?

You can find your FTP login details by first logging in to http://cp.magnethosting.ie and then following the instructions below:

Note: You might first have to select the Subscription your domain is using for hosting using the Subscription drop down menu

You can find your FTP details under:

Websites >> Domainname  >> FTP Access

Here you will find the address to connect to (FTP URL), your FTP username – you can also simply use the IP address as the hostname if you like.

If you do not know the password for the FTP account you will need to reset it – click Edit to change your password. When changing your password you have two options:

-You can generate one and save that, it will be displayed on screen when you press the ‘Generate       Password’ button – you will need to take this down.

– Or you can put in your own, in which case you do not press ‘Generate Password’.


These FTP details are separate from your login details to the control panel.