Location of files for applications installed through Application Vault

The files for any application you install through the Application Vault on our new control panel system (cp.magnethosting.ie) are located at:




The application name that goes in before the ID varies, here’s a full list of the names used by the application vault. On the left is the name of the program  on the right is the $APPNAME used by the vault:

Aerial Chat – AerialChat
dotProject – dotProject
Drupal – Drupal
Gallery – gallery
Joomla – joomla
LinkPoint Payment Processing – LinkPoint
Magento – magento
mediawiki – mediawiki
net2FTP – net2ftp
Perlfect Search – perlfectsearch
PHP Ads – phpAds
PHP MyChatPlus – phpMyChatPlus
PHP OpenChat – phpopenchat
phpBB – phpBB
phpCoin – phpCOIN
phpList – phpList
PowerPhlogger – PPhlogger
SMF Forum – smf
SquirrelMail – SquirrelMail
SugarCRM – SugarCRM
Support Services Manager – SSM
ToDoList – todolist
Typo3 – typo3
WordPress – WordPress
ZenCart – ZenCart

So, an example of $$ID would be: