iPhone: IMAP – Sent Items and Trash Folders Configuration

If you are encountering errors while deleting email to Trash or the iPhone is not storing messages to the Sent folder on the server you will need to check the settings of the email account, on the iPhone.

Ensure that you have the relevant folders on the phone set to sync with the folders on the server.

Follow these steps:

– Click Settings.
– Click Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
– Click Email Address.
– Click Account.
– Scroll down and click Advanced.

Under ‘Mailbox Behaviours’ select the following:

– Drafts Mailbox > Drafts
– Sent Mailbox > Sent
– Deleted Mailbox > Trash

Now click back ‘< Account’ at the top and then click ‘Done’ top right, this will then sync and save the settings.

Emails should now be stored, and moved, to their relevant folders.