I have broken or faulty leads or cables

Broadband / Phone connection cables.

As part of the welcome pack with your modem/router, you will receive connection cables.  Over the course of time these cables can become damaged and cause issues with your connection.  Whilst we supply the initial connection cables, we do not provide follow up replacement cables as we do not hold a stock of these items.  These cables are in-expensive items and can be purchased from your local PC store.

SCART leads

If you have a faulty TV SCART lead you will need to replace this.

If you have an Amino Set Top Box or a  Motorola Set Top Box and your scart gets damaged we will replace this for you as it is specific to the Amino STB

Internal Wiring

Some issues can be as a result of faulty or damaged internal wiring in your home.  If you have an issue with your internal wiring or need additional connection points you will need to arrange to have this looked at independently.