How do I turn on/off the Auto Renew option?

Please log on to your account at Magnet Hosting and follow the steps below (Applies to accounts on this system only).  Domains and subscriptions can only be renewed automatically if a credit/debit card has Automatic Payments enabled.

Account >> Registered Domains >> Click on the Domain name >> Turn on/off AutoRenew

All Other Subscriptions
Account >> Subscriptions >> Click on the Subscription >> Turn on/off AutoRenew

To turn off the card itself
If you would like to ensure nothing on your account is charged to your card automatically, you can turn the card off for auto payments.  This can be done by following the below instructions.
Account >> Payment Methods >> Click on the cardpayment >> Disable Auto Payments.

 If your card is set as the default payment method and you DO NOT wish for your domain/subscription to renew it is important to TURN OFF the AutoRenew. For hosting this needs to be done prior to 5 days before renewal and for domains it needs to be done prior to 21 days before renewal. Once the renewal goes through we cannot offer refunds for unwanted domains/subscriptions.