Google Verification DNS Record

If you need to prove to google that you own a domain then you can do this by creating a TXT record within

>> Log ito your control panel (
>> Click on Home at the top of the screen
>> Now click on Hosted Domains
>> Now click on the domain name in question. (make sure that Zone Management Ability is enabled)
>> Now click on the DNS tab
>> Now click on DNS records.
>> Now click Add New DNS Record
>> Ok the record you are adding is a TXT record so you will need to choose TXT from the dropdown list.
>> Now leave the domain field blank
>> IN the data field input the google site verification code that google gave you (it should look something like: google-site-verification=yw_f1Kvp99OskdVWMkAKRde__upJIdR9t79Eue_w9Zg)

Please note that DNS changes can take upto an hour to take effect.