Is your Wi-Fi Paying for Itself?

Why are so many smart business owners offering free wi-fi without any payback?

Businesses who engage with their customers either by email or via social media generate 20% more revenue on the days that emails are sent versus the days that they are not – which would appear to make communicating with your customers a no brainer. Take a café or restaurant for example – it’s fantastic when the tables are full and the place is buzzing – however – wouldn’t it be brilliant if they could talk to all those people again and entice them to come back when you’re not in the middle of their seasonal peak?

The question is, how to obtain the information to allow you to set-up a database to communicate with?

Magnet Wi-Fi offering guest login detail capture is now available from just €25 per month.

‘Free Wi-Fi’ – the Norm for Today’s Customer Facing Businesses

Many customer facing businesses realise that providing free wi-fi to their clients is no longer a differentiator, it’s an expectation, almost a pre-requisite. It is also likely that it’s password protected so customers must either ask for the password to connect to wi-fi or else it’s displayed somewhere prominently around your business. But are they getting the most from providing this service?


Grow Email Subscription List through Wi-Fi Users

What businesses may not have considered when installing wi-fi was whether the wi-fi provider could offer the facility to capture wi-fi guest login details. The free service being offered could be working much harder and smarter for businesses by gathering information about their customers logging in. It’s not CSI, businesses aren’t invading their customers’ privacy, they’re simply asking for an email address for use of a free service – a simple trade off, which customers can take or leave. If a customer decides they don’t want to receive any communication from the organisation, data protection rules ensure they always have the right to opt out. So SMEs can quickly grow their email database overnight by simply switching on the wi-fi.

Email Marketing has Never Cost as Little

With inexpensive and often free tools such as MailChimp businesses can send welcome emails to subscribers straight away as well as scheduling personalised newsletters and special offers.
Businesses using wi-fi to grow their email subscription list have found it highly valuable in increasing revenue and introducing customers to new products and services, thus paying for the service itself.

SMEs can Capture Wi-Fi Details Affordably

This service is not new and is common in large businesses such as airports and hotels. However advances in technology now mean that it is available to small local businesses at affordable prices. Many events and festivals are now adding it to mix which is proving very useful for inviting people back to the event the next time it happens.
Other handy features are included too such as per user limitations. Dependent on the business’s requirements a time and/or data limit can be put on the amount of wi-fi access that is granted per user – especially handy for that student who nurses one cup of coffee all morning whilst researching their thesis or bit torrent-ing Game of Thrones!

Magnet Wi-Fi offering guest login detail capture is now available from just €25 per month (ex VAT), including detailed daily and weekly reports, call our team today on 1800 789 789 for more information.

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