Magnet Plus Cyber Security Podcast

Let’s Talk Cyber Security

Are you a CEO or business owner who wants to learn more about cyber security and its potential to negatively impact your business? Cyber-attacks against Irish businesses are on the increase. Simon Aycott and Amanda Morrell from cyber security experts, Exponential E, join John Delves and Robert Henderson from Ireland’s largest connectivity provider, Magnet Plus, to discuss cyber security from the point of view of Irish businesses of all sizes.

This thought-provoking cyber security podcast is a 30-minute round-table discussion covering a broad range of cyber security topics including:

  • Managing cyber security at board level
  • Why you don’t need to be an expert to understand core principles
  • Common cyber security breaches
  • Basic cyber security preventions
  • What is social engineering and why it works
  • Jargon buster

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About Us

The let’s talk cyber security podcast is brought to you by Magnet Plus in partnership with Exponential E.

Magnet Plus as Ireland’s largest connectivity provider has just launched a range of cyber security services that defend systems and data. Hackers are smart, so you must be smarter.

Magnet Plus’ full range of rock-solid cyber security solutions give you the reassurance of knowing you’re always one step ahead. Visit for more information.

Exponential E provides cloud connectivity communications and cyber security prevention and remediation services.

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