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A national voluntary housing association were able to act decisively to establish a remote office network in advance of the first lockdown thanks to the strength of their relationship with Magnet+.

Being on first name terms with their contacts in Magnet + was key to a seamless communications transition in the face of the pandemic, according to Tuath Housing Association.

Tuath Housing is one of Ireland’s largest approved housing bodies with almost 7,000 homes in management, around the country, catering for over 19,000 tenants

Tuath IT Co-ordinator Dejan Novacic described how the two companies worked together to establish a robust communications network in the run up to lockdown. Tuath Housing now use Magnet Talk.

“Our relationship with Magnet + is far more than contractual – when we need to move very quickly, they move very quickly,” he said.

“They are our communications partners, and their expertise helped us turn our four main offices into more than a hundred remote offices in a matter of days

“In the run up to the first lockdown we realised that we needed to move on this, and luckily our key contacts in Magnet + also recognised that the same issues would need to be addressed before lockdown was declared.

“We worked together on two things – reviewing our communication protocols and anticipating how our systems will work in the future and then getting rid of all the physical phones from the desks.

According to Dejan, Magnet + immediately understood what Tuath Housing needed in the run up to lockdown

“It is impossible to overstate the value of the human relationships and the built-in experience and technical expertise that you get from dealing with Magnet+,” he said.

“For example, I know the people in the support centre by name and we have a great working relationship.

“Our accounts manager Darren is a great guy and we have a wonderful chat from time to time.

“As an organisation we all moved to softphones, and I have to say they are fantastic. You have a picture of the phone on your screen and every user has an individual portal.

“You have everything you need on the screen and you just click on the name that you want to call.

“I also use the Magnet+ softphone on my mobile so I can answer calls wherever I am. As far as we are concerned, softphones are the future, and we won’t be going back.

“Magnet+ also supported us with the physical build of the system – for example, their headsets are fantastic.

“But the real difference was the knowledge that they gave us around using the systems to their best advantage.

“Their PBX is not just a switchboard. It is a very powerful business and organisational tool that can help adjust your workflows to best suit your business needs.

“Our Magnet+ trainer Anthony Fitzpatrick worked very closely with us to help us maximise the potential of the software.

“The training that Magnet+ provide to PBX administrators is fantastic because usually when you buy a software package you only use two or three functions.”

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