Vulnerability Scanning

Nothing is perfect. This is especially true of networks, systems and software. They’re complex, often patched together and can seem too costly or difficult to update. This is great news for the bad guys: flaws in your technology make it easy to unleash attacks that hit you and your customers hard. Problems need to be fixed – and Vulnerability Scanning will tell you exactly where they are…

How secure is your network? Discover today, with a comprehensive FREE VULNERABILITY SCAN.

What is Vulnerability Scanning?

Magnet+ Vulnerability Scanning puts all your software, applications, databases, interfaces and other IT elements under a high-powered spotlight. This will highlight any exploitable flaws. Maybe a weakness was already baked into your third-party software. Perhaps applications were incorrectly configured when installed. Or possibly physical interfaces and ports could allow threats to be unknowingly installed via basic USB drives.

Once spotted by a network vulnerability assessment, these can be fixed – and you can slam the door in the face of anyone out to harm your business or customers.

Why Vulnerability Scanning? Here’s why…

  • Vulnerabilities Constantly Emerge.
    On average, 50 new vulnerabilities emerge each day. Many are in obscure corners of networks, making them hard to spot immediately.
  • Size Isn’t An Issue.
    Magnet+ Vulnerability Scanning can review and identify vulnerabilities in networks of any size.

  • Stay Compliant.
    Many regulatory standards and compliance obligations require that an in-depth penetration testing solution is in place.
  • It’s An Underestimated Problem.
    Security vulnerabilities are generally underestimated by over 80%.

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